Life In Liverpool So Far

So it's already been a week since I hopped on a plane with my two very large suitcases, hand luggage and laptop in tow to make my journey to Liverpool for my studies. It certainly wasn't easy but here I am sitting in my university room, feeling 'at home' with more friends and contacts than I had before leaving...not to mention the week long hangover i've been having and the freshers flu that has finally caught up with me...i'm surprised I'm even capable of writing this blog post. I don't think I realised how much moving away from home would affect me. I was crying like a baby on the first night when my mum left me - but i'm not crying into my pillow anymore, so s'all good. I've been out (almost) every night dancing to the likes of Zane Lowe and GoT's Kristain Nairn, strolled the streets of Liverpool town centre and soaked up my new surroundings for the next 3 years. Whilst getting lost the other day (for a good two hours...) I found myself walking down the hidden streets where I admired the vibrant street art, the quirky buildings and cute bars and restaurants...

Reality will finally settle in on Monday when lectures start but I actually feel excited about a course i'm doing - for the first time ever, shocking! Anyway, this post was slightly more lifestyle-y/diary related but I wanted to share how it was going for me and also make up for my lack of posting lately. I'll be doing a lot more once lectures start so I will try and make room for review posts and day to day things. I think as a young student, moving to a big city where there's lots of things to do is definitely the right thing for me and I can still enjoy my home back in rural France, best of both worlds.

Welcome to Liverpool!
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