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Heeey y'all! I am in fact, writing a blog post, at midnight- what has my life come to? Summer does this to me, I never get to bed before midnight for some reason. Although the other day I managed to get to bed for 11:45, livin' life on the edge.

Anyway, on with today's... or technically tomorrow's? post, I don't know. Here is a big fat haul of all the lovely things I ordered from I'm not going to a funeral, I just really like the colour black. There is a black AND white stripy dress if you look closely. Black is just so easy to style and it will never go out of fashion. Everything looks amazing on so I was really pleased as this is my first MotelRocks order-ever (shockerrr). Although, I had to send back 4 things, one thing I ordered twice (how did I even?), one that just looked ridiculous on me but totally amazing on the model, the other which was a bikini and my boobs wouldn't fit in properly and a playsuit that gave me a wedgie (never fun) BUT apart from that, I'm totally happy with everything and how quick the parcel arrived. The DM Clarissa sandals are so comfy and cool (even Ellie Goulding has a pair). You can check out each item individually with the links I've put above where I've done a review on each item on the MotelRocks website under the name of Lucie Rose.

See something you like? Well, you can get 20% off your order at checkout with my coupon code 'lucie rose'. Niiiice.
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