My Favourite YouTube Channels

I thought I'd compile a short post today to sum up my favourite YouTubers (aka vloggers)! I've thrown in a mixture of beauty, fashion and general lifestyle vloggers along with a favourite video from their channel! Enjoy, and feel free to share in the comment box YOUR favourite vloggers too.

Jenn Im from clothesencounters 
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Jenn Im is definitely my top favourite. She posts a mixture of videos including vlogs from her travels, style videos, hauls, beauty tutorials and advice videos. She is great at giving style advice and showing how to put outfits together. I always go to her channel when I'm in a bit of a style rut and she never fails to inspire me by working with the clothes I already have! She has a real unique style of filming when it comes to vlogging her travels and she has a lovely sweet personality which makes you love her even more. Check out her 'What would Jenn wear' playlist for some great styling tips.

Sammi Maria from beautycrush

Sammi Maria was probably the first YouTuber/blogger I discovered that got me starting a blog myself, a bit of an inspiration for me if you like. I love her variety of videos including great make up tutorials, fashion & styling videos, advice and fun videos too. She has a really likeable personality, it feels like getting advice and styling tips off a friend and I always look forward to watching one of her new videos! I have taken some great tips from her and like Jenn, always helps me when I'm in that 'I have nothing to wear' situation.
Zoe Sugg from Zoella

Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Zoella (c'mon guys, even my mum has...), the YouTuber/blogger extraordinaire and soon to be author ('Girl Online' out 25th of November 2014, get it in your diaries lads). Zoe is extremely likeable, full of positive vibes and fun, fun videos. She has a mixture of how to beauty, fashion, hair, cooking videos and lifestyle vlogs on her channel, name it- she's done it! With over 5m subscribers, she must be doing something right.

Shan from Shaaanxo


Shan from New Zealand does some of best make up tutorial videos I have seen. Watch her transform herself from a (still naturally beautiful) blank canvas to a picture perfect glamour queen in under 30 minutes (okay probably more if it wasn't edited). I love going to her channel to be inspired for a new make up look for a night out or special occasion. She is as talented as a make up artist and knows all the right tips and tricks of the trade to help any beginners out, or for the more advanced too.

Louis Cole from FunforLouis

FunforLouis is a recent discovery of mine and boy do I have a lot of videos to catch up on! I love Louis's outlook on life and how he embraces it all with a positive attitude. I found his 'Draw my life' tag video particularly interesting and inspiring about how he got where he is today. It just goes to show that you don't always need to follow the same path as everyone else, you can take your own direction and live the adventure you've always dreamed of! I find his videos really inspiring and it's great to get an insight into his travel and adventure filled life.

Bethany Mota from Bethany Mota (macbarbie07)

Bethany Mota is probably the most popular YouTuber out there, am I right? Yeah, I'm not sure either but she's pretty damn popular, ok. She has a YouTube channel with over 6m subscribers AND a clothing line at Aeropostale which you can check out right here. A truly inspiring girl that went from being super shy and was bullied at school to a YouTuber extraordinaire, business-woman and probably a millionaire (let's not pretend that she isn't guys) at the age of is this possible you ask? Sheer determination, MOTAvation (heh) and talent (and A LOOOOT of video editing). I love her variety of style, DIY and beauty videos...her videos are simple and fun to watch and give you some great little tips a long the way.

Caspar Lee from Caspar

This hilarious (and pretty cute looking) South African lad is Caspar Lee. A similar channel to Sam with a mix of prank videos and funny interviews with the public- need a little pick up? Head over to his channel and I dare you not to laugh or smile.

...And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this post and have perhaps discovered a few new YouTuber's to subscribe to or watch. For me, YouTube is definitely replacing the TV for me. I watch way more YouTube videos than TV shows nowadays... I guess they're a bit more realistic and helpful than watching episode after episode of Come dine with me. Don't get me wrong though, I still love a good TV series- Breaking Bad will always be my first love.
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