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I chose to chitchat about Rimmel today. My all time favourite make up brand. I love pouring my eyes over a Rimmel stand and looking at all their makeup and latest products... I get some sort of thrill out of it! Weird, I know. Some people like roller coaster rides, I like make up- that's the way the cookie crumbles. Enough about cookies.
1. Hide the Blemish concealer | 2. Natural bronzer in 022 Sun bronze | 3. Professional eyebrow pencil in 001 dark Brown | 4. Stay Matte powder in 001 transparent | 5. Kate Moss lipstick in 101 | 6. 60 second nail varnish in 303 raw as night | 7. Scandaleyes flex mascara in black

(Little disclaimer: I was inspired by Essie Button's Youtube channel for this post who does a brand focus video where she discusses products from that brand she loves and about the brand too- I decided to do a written version. Anyhoo, on with the post.)

I selected my favourite products of Rimmel to share with you. First of all, the Hide the Blemish concealer, probably the first concealer I ever used. Shaped and formed like a lipstick and it literally does what it says, it hides the blemishes. Another great product of Rimmel's- its powders. I have literally never used any other mattifying powder than Stay Matte since I ever started wearing make-up, I can't get over how good and how cheap it is. Some of my latest discoveries are the Rita Ora nail polish and the Kate Moss lipstick. Despite Rimmel being a pretty low-priced, high street brand- they've worked with some big names which gives the brand a young, current feel. And last but not least, their eye products are my all time favourite. The mascaras are never much more than £10 and have the quality of a designer mascara so if you are on the hunt for the perfect mascara, I'm sure Rimmel will have one for you. I am also currently loving their eyebrow pencil which goes perfectly with my brow shade and has a little brush with it too.

What I love most about Rimmel, in case I haven't mentioned already, is how cheap it is! You get what you pay for and more. I think it makes me feel quite patriotic too, it being a British brand with British models and music artists representing it. They're always bringing out new and exciting products, stunning coloured eyeshadows, lipsticks and also great foundations and powders all of great quality. I will always stay loyal to Rimmel as they were the first brand of make up I ever tried and I (including my mum and sister too) still use it to this day.

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