Current Beauty Favourites

I love discovering new beauty products, especially beauty products that actually work and you get your moneys worth on so I wanted to share my current favourites that I have been using non stop lately with you lovely people.

1. Naturally Radiant brightening hot cloth cleanser & Naturally Radiant renewing night cream | 2. Benefit 'girl meets pearl' highlighter | 3. MAC studio fix powder | 4. Urban Decay 'Naked 2' palette |  5. MAC crayon kohl eye pencil | 6.  Benefit 'high beam' highlighter | 7. MAC fluidline gel liner in blitz & glitz | 8. 17 doll'd up mascara

First up are my two favourite skincare products lately by the Naturally Radiant range in Superdrug which my mum kindly ordered from the UK for me (make up/skincare in France is silly money I tell you). I use the hot cloth cleanser before bed, sometimes in the morning (depends how lazy I'm feeling) and I've noticed a real difference in my skin- it's softer, feels a lot less oily than it used to and feels super clean. The moisturiser is a very thick & moist texture which is great as it rehydrates my skin overnight and leaves it silky smooth and smelling lovely the next day (it's infused with extracts of kiwi & mulberry fruit mmm). The packaging is lovely and all products have a lovely smell- I actually look forward to using them (ahem, weird). All in all, these two products have worked wonders on my skin and have left it feeling fresher than ever... and it's kind on your purse too!

I pinched the Benefit 'girl meets pearl' from my mum (sharing is caring?) leaves that photoshoot finish to your make-up and gives you that wide awake look and with cheekbones you never thought you even had. The 'high beam' highlighter was an impulse purchase at the airport back in March... it's similar to the 'girl meets pearl' but with more of a dewy highlight rather than a shimmery effect.

As for the 'Naked 2' palette, it's the best (and yes, probably priciest) purchase I've made on make up but ohhhh so worth it. With a good dozen of colours to choose & mix and match with - I have not stopped having fun with it and have had endless compliments on my eye make up lately.

I picked up a few more essentials from MAC including the Studio Fix powder & kohl eyeliner but have been especially loving their fluidline gel liner! I've finally mastered how to actually apply it without poking my eye/getting it everywhere/drawing a line similar to a three year old would. It just takes time and is actually worth lasts all day and no cracking or flaking off either. I recommend a good angle shaped brush to apply.

And last, my bargain of the pack! Doll'd up mascara by 17- I'm so glad we met. I like to experiment with mascaras and this is probably my favourite yet, just when I thought I'd never replace my usual trusty Rimmel mascara. You only need about 3 coats and you look like you're wearing find. No clumping, flaking or dryness and you didn't just hear it from me-I checked the reviews on and they have received a whopping 4 out 5 stars out of 54 reviews.

I can already hear my bank account tutting at me after remembering the price for all these things - ah is investment...said no one, ever.
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