Asos Birthday Treats

It was my birthday about two weeks ago (7th of May to be exact, guvna) and I felt completely spoilt this year! I had a full week of amazing prezzies including jewellery, flowers, chocolate, clothes etc., lots of fun and friends and...delicious food! What's a birthday without food though? Anyway, I got way too much to put up all over my blog and prefer not show it all's nice to keep some things personal, don't y'all agree? However, my lovely friend Yvanca got me an amazing little combo of presents from Asos so I just had to share. They were so cute I took a photo right after (yep, I'm one of those people).

The lil' birthday package included:

- an amazingly cute rose paint splattered style phone cover for my iPhone 5, right up my street
- gorgeous chunky silver chain earrings (bliingbliing) 
- and this quirky mango & papaya body wash by anatomicals which is not only in the coolest packaging ever and has the funniest description on the side (one of my favourites being "The world stinks, I don't")-it smells friggin' delicious too. It's definitely brightened up my shower time. 

What a lovely wee ensemble of friends know me so well. If any of my lovely friends/family are reading this- thank you all so much for all the lovely gifts, messages and things organised just for my birthday, I'm really grateful for it! I had the best birthday (more like birthweek ha) that I've had in a while.
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