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While I was on a quick city break to 'Pareeee' last week, I took a few snaps on my phone and thought I'd share them. The Monday night involved a bit of sightseeing, visiting the sacré Coeur where you will find thee best view of Paris ever, ice cream in our hotels garden (we stayed at L'hotel du Moulin which was lovely-good for the price and bang in the middle of town so literally everything was in walking distance), more food (when in Paris eh?) at La Galette du Moulin which was down the cutest little lane (picture 4). I had a lardons, crème fraiche, cheese and mushrooms galette (wholemeal crepe) which was delicious. As you can tell from the photo I was too impatient to take a photo before eating it and had already gobbled up pretty much all of it...

The next day we had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Lepic. We were looking all over the place for somewhere to eat and finally settled on this place which I have to say was a great find! We decided against the usual pain au chocolat and coffee (despite how much it killed me not too haha) and tried something different. I had avocado on toast which was so tasty and filling too, plus I'm obsessed with avocados these days so it was right up my street, along with some freshly squeezed orange juice. My mum had the granola and yoghurt which was quite honestly the best granola I've ever tasted and it was presented beautifully. After that, the day was spent sightseeing and I finally visited the Pont des arts- it's quite amazing really to see it and think how many couples and lovers have came and put a lock on the bridge...there were so many, even on the lamppost...and I have no idea how they got up there! The rest of the day just consisted of a lot of walking and a lot of spending money. It cost us 11 € for an Orangina and apple juice  in a café - that's ridiculous, am I right or am I right?! 

Oh, and I came across this Acne Studios window display which I just loved so had to snap it as well...I am in love with Acne clothing.

And that's a wrap really. If you're heading to Paris, I'd definitely recommend the places I mentioned above... the only thing I'd say is bring your comfiest shoes (even crocs would have been better than the 'trying to keep stylish' pumps I was wearing) and bring plenty of money. Paris is crazy expensive but sooo worth the visit!


One Night In Paris

Blazer: H&M (bought at carboot sale) | Dress: Mango (on sale) | Necklace: H&M | Bag: Carboot sale | Watch: ioffer.com

I'm back (yes I know it's been a wee while) with a special little post today as I was in Paris from Monday till Tuesday as my sister bought me tickets to see Paolo Nutini for my birthday. I would just like to take this moment to say what an amazing performer he is. It was actually the first time I've seen him in concert (although I met and may I add, hugged him years ago at a cd signing in HMV)...and he did not disappoint. He sounded just as amazing live, better even, as he does on cd. He sings with so much emotion and you find yourself completely absorbed in his music...and obviously his sexy, sexy face-it was kind of hard to look at him and try and not faint.

The concert was at Le Trianon which is a theatre/concert hall built back in 1894. It's a really stunning building (pictured below) and I enjoyed it more than being in a huge stadium to be honest. The concert was more intimate that way and I didn't get pushed or shoved once throughout the whole concert! Except my mum got a bit of beer poured on her shoe, ah you can't always win eh. He did a lot of songs off his new album and mixed up some of his old stuff too. The crowd were going mad for him (mainly the girls shouting 'I love you' in several languages...not including me of course, ahem).  Plus, the man's beautiful...really couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

Anyway, let's stop dreaming about Paolo, moving onto the outfit! I had to pack pretty light as we were only there for one night and a day so I mixed and matched some key pieces, including this blazer which I wore the following day with a stripy tee. I chose a comfy outfit for the concert while still trying to stay fashionable at the same time. To lighten up the dark dress, I added some pastel pink, gold and cream. I thought the bag was very 'Paris' and reminds me a bit of the similar Chanel version-although mine was about 2 € not 2000 €.

The photos were taken (by my mum-thanks mum!) outside of the creperie we ate at before the concert in Montmartre called 'La Galette du Moulin' which I would definitely recommend if you're heading to Paris. It was hidden down a little cobbled road tucked away from the busy streets and there wasn't a scooter or car in sight. It was the perfect spot to people watch and see the real Paris. The service was good and the crepes- delicious! I had a lovely evening and it was the perfect way to celebrate before my birthday. We walked around the streets for a wee while after and stopped for a quick touristy shot outside the Moulin Rouge. Pretty shattered from the whole day travelling and the concert itself, we headed back to our hotel and called it a night while it was only just beginning for some. They say New York is the city that never sleeps but I don't think Paris does either.

Let me know if you've been to see Paolo Nutini this year on his European tour as well or are going to see him in the summer...or if you haven't heard him at all, you can listen to/buy his new album 'Caustic Love' on iTunes here! Keep your eyes peeled on this blog for a Paris picture diary post coming soon!
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