10 Favourite Lifestyle Bloggers

Heeeey everyone! Long time no blog. I seem to have disappeared off the net for a bit. Let me list my excuses:
1. It has been raining non-stop outside so outfit posts are a no-no.
2. I don't have the money to constantly buy clothes so... well, there would be no outfit posts to post. PS. I have put a lot of my clothes up on Ebay so please take a look here and help a girl out.
3. I'm lazy.
4. School is shortly taking over my life.
5. I've been watching Breaking Bad in all my spare time (pff get a life Lucie, god) and the new series of My Mad Fat Diary (I love you Finn).
6. I have no more excuses.
Apologies guuuuuys. Hopefully we can all kiss and make up, the end. Luckily i'm on holidays now so I can blog a bit more and during the week even though I said I wouldn't do that (oops breaking my own rules).

I decided to get back into the swing of things by doing another 10 favourite *insert genre here* bloggers. Last time was my favourite fashion blogs (view here), and today I've decided to round up my favourite lifestyle bloggers. Here goooooooes (in no particular order), enjoy!

1. Yours Truly, x by Kerry Lockwood

Yours Truly was a discovery of mine a few months ago now, I don't know why I didn't know it before! I love the way in which she combines a lifestyle post through her outfits with beautiful photographs. Kerry Lockwood also blogs about her life adventures, travels and thrifty finds. I completely love her individual sense of style and way of putting outfits together which include a mixture of high-street and retro thrifted pieces.

2. Simple Sophie by Sophie

Simple Sophie was in fact shortlisted at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards for best lifestyle blog so I had to put her in my top 10! A blog has to have something different and/or memorable for a reader to come back and Simple Sophie has got that somethin'. There are beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, outfit post, travel snaps and more. I love her style of photography and her lil blog is definitely pleasing to your retinas.

3. The World Looks Red by Laura Gommans

Laura Gommans is a fashion, lifestyle and everything else blogger based in Amsterdam. I love fashion, I love Amsterdam...what more could you ask for in one blog? Laura posts about her travels, life adventures, love life (ooh err) and music. I love her minimalistic approach to fashion in her outfit posts which include amazing coats, shoes and cute dresses. A lovely corner of the net.

4. Fancy Pants by Amy Scheepers

Fancy Pants is a recent blog discovery of mine. Beautiful blogger Amy blogs about her life happenings in Cape Town including the best outfit posts, gorgeous photos from her travels and more. Caution: she may create a bit of wardrobe envy.

Student Life

The Diary Of A Poor Girl is quickly becoming my favourite lifestyle blog. Hannah is a 20 year old student who decided to begin her blog to moan about uni, and men. Ring a bell? Thought so. Hannah has a way in connecting with her readers and understanding the woes and challenges that come with being a lady. Her posts will have you nodding and saying 'Mmhm' 'Yep' 'Me too' 'Totally agree' 'Oh my god' and very often laughing out loud as well. She is your very own real life Bridget Jones and has been kind enough to share just about everything with you. Expect posts of a sexual nature (cheeky minx), men moans (just made that up) and other life-y things. I hope someday she decides to release a book as I would definitely buy it!

6. Milk Bubble Tea
 photo milkbubbletealogo_zps3321fa31.png

If perfection was a blog, Milk Bubble Tea would be it. Milk Bubble Tea is a lifestyle blog filled with THE most delicious recipes (we're talkin' ferrero rocher cupcakes, Nutella cookies, chocolate and marshmallow fluff pie...don't deny you almost dribbled), interiors as close to perfection as an Ikea showroom, plus outfit posts, beauty and other life happenings. Gorgeous photos and a perfect pretty-in-pink girly blog. Check out Milk Bubble Tea's YouTube channel here as well.

7. Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise

Sprinkle of Glitter is written by the lovely Louise who is like the best friend/agony aunt/mum/sister we wish we all had, and I suppose technically we do... just via cyber space instead. She posts about everything from beauty to lifestyle, fashion, her travels and more-which makes her blog very enjoyable indeed. She has a way with words which makes it feel like you're having a chat with your best friend. If you're having an off day, head on over to Sprinkle of Glitter and I dare you not to giggle/smile/feel motivated/happy or inspired afterwards. You can also find her on YouTube here.

8. What Olivia Did by Olivia Purvis

The lovely Olivia should be running her own magazine in my opinion. This blog is just all round amazing. From fashion posts to beauty, make up, style, outfit, recipe, music, travel (phew) and many other posts...there is something on her blog for everyone to enjoy. You could get lost in this blog for hours pouring over her gorgeous 60's inspired outfit posts with her classic beehive up do, delicious recipes and interviews a plenty. It's the perfect place to go for a bit of inspiration, reviews or ideas for places to go when travelling. A blogging sensation.

9. Chalk White Arrow by Sara

Sara does a mixture of blogs posts including recipes, fashion, photography, lifestyle and more. Whether you like a good lifestyle post or if you just like browsing through photos then Chalk White Arrow is for you. There is never a bad photo as Sara clearly has a good eye for photography. I, just, wow, her photos are just...the bomb, ok. Sara documents about her life happenings from her home in the US of A with fantastic photos (have I already mentioned that? woops). She has a natural gift in writing and her blog is always a pleasure to read. A stunning little corner of the net to read accompanied by a cuppa (or coffee if you aren't a fan).

10. Charlotte's Web by Charlotte

This girl's blog is everything I want mine to be. Gorgeous blog, gorgeous photos and just gorgeous everythaaang. She has a natural talent in telling stories about her life happenings and adventures by making the smallest event interesting to read in a fun way through her witty sense of humour. I am one of 1560 readers that have joined up so she must have got something right.
Well, that took me longer than expected... I enjoyed it nevertheless! And I hope you guys did too. Going through all these bloggers pages has motivated me to invest in a new camera sometime in the near future, I think it really makes a huge difference to a blog. I hope you discovered some new blogs to follow, read and enjoy.
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