My January Sale Finds


Coat: 30 € reduced from 60 €, Pimkie | Necklace: 7 € reduced from 22 €, Promod | Jeggings: 15 € reduced from 22,95 €, Zara | Shirt: Pimkie | Jumper: Carboot sale | Boots: H&M | Fedora:

Hey everyone! I hope the start of 2014 is treating you all well. I'm sure we've all experienced a bit of the 'January blues' after the excitement of Christmas and New year being over so my way of curing those January blues is by going to the January sales! I popped out to town last week and picked up some great bargains (i.e.. more clothes that I don't need, ahem). I've been keen to get an oversized coat for a while now as they are everywhere at the moment and spotted this beauty at half price in Pimkie-it's 30% wool as well, amazing! It's going to keep me nice n toasty for the next few months but I'm sure I can take it out again in years to come, it's a timeless piece. I spotted this gorgeous jewel necklace in Promod (it was literally the first thing I saw when I walked in the shop, the wee magpie that I am) and the reduction was too good to say no to, there's no such thing as too much jewellery (there probably is but that's besides the point). Last of my bargains were these acid wash jeggings from Zara. I've never bought a pair before so I was a bit sceptical but I'm so pleased I did. They're identical to jeans but 10 times comfier! I also picked up this plain black collar shirt in Pimkie, which wasn't actually in the sales, but as I already have a white one and wear it very often, I thought it would be great to have it in black too as they can be worn with anything! And yes, that is a garden spade you see in the photos, it wasn't supposed to be there.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. Oh, I also reached 100 followers this week! It's such a great achievement considering I've only been running this blog for under a year, so thank you so much to you 100 (102 now, actually) lovely people for taking an interest in my page! I'm not sure why you do, but you do, so thank you!

The Butterfly Effect


Dress (worn as skirt): Topshop (off Ebay) | Denim Gilet: Carboot sale | Jumper: Pimkie | Doc Martens: Ebay | Ring: Carboot sale | Fedora: | Necklace: River Island

I went back to school on Monday and it's been a bit rubbish to say the least! Buuut I am finishing school FOREVER in exactly 6 months from now (yes I am already counting down to this woooonderful event). This is an outfit I threw together ages ago and really wanted to snap this look as I think it's perfect for the chilly months of winter. I seem to put my fedora on in every photo, but I really can't help it, it just goes with everything plus I don't have many hats except this one (I hope that's a valid excuse...). It's still pretty cold outside so tights and jumpers are a must but I'm trying to put a spring in my step by wearing this lovely Topshop butterfly print dress I got on Ebay ages ago which adds a bit of girly-ness to my denim gilet I got from a carboot for 3€. I have spent my weekend with my friend Megan (who took these photos, thanks Megs!) watching Breaking Bad, eating scrambled eggs on toast and getting locked outside by accident while taking these photos, thanks for rescuing us Mum.

What have you been wearing this winter?

10 Favourite Fashion Bloggers


So, I had planned to take an outfit post outside today but with the rainy weather we've been having lately, it isn't the most practical. I decided to do a post on my 10 favourite fashion bloggers. I started my blog last year so these were the blogs that gave me inspiration for my own and also the ones I discovered and read the most right from the very start. I haven't put them in any particular order, just the order they popped into my head! I hope you enjoy this post and gain some new blogs to follow, enjoy!

1. Le Happy by Luanna

Le Happy is probably my top favourite and was the first blogger that came to mind. Luanna takes inspiration from the 90s a la Cher from 'Clueless' with tartan skirts n socks and adding a grunge punk rock twist with leather jackets, creepers, band tees and round sunglasses. She also writes in Spanish so for any Spaniards out there, you can enjoy her lovely blog too! She has fiery red locks to die for and her photos are taken in her home of NYC which makes her blog very interesting to look at. It's more like looking at a fashion shoot from a magazine than a blog!

2. WishWishWish by Carrie

23 year old Carrie from London has the best looking blog in town. A gorgeous little part of the internet where you could spend hours browsing through her archive filled with stunning outfit posts (of course), her travels, recipes and adventures. Her pictures always look fantastic and you'll be wishwishwishing you owned her wardrobe (see what I did there?).

3. London's Closet By Shope & Shore

18 year old twins Shope & Shore had the smart idea of creating a blog together where they could both post about their style and life happenings. They both have a completely different style which is what makes this blog so interesting and I always love their photos!

4. Ring My Bell by Ashley Madekwe

Ashley is a Londoner girl living in LA. Ring My Bell is a personal style journal where Ashley documents the latest trends including a lot of designer pieces which are sadly out of my price range but great for outfit inspiration.

5. She Wears Fashion by Kavita Donkersley

Shewearsfashion has been creating a storm in the fashion blogging world over the past year and her blog just seems to get better and better. Her outfits are always very out there but that's what I love and admire about her. I certainly couldn't pull off some of things she wears but she succeeds to pull off absolutely anything and everything! With stunning model looks and brows to make even Cara a little bit envious, we are all a tad hooked on SheWearsFashion.

6. The Little Magpie by Amy Bell

A Scottish lass after my own heart with a kick-ass wardrobe to boot. Amy's blog is pretty much all fashion (and I'm not complaining) with a few lifestyle posts thrown in there too. I always look forward to her posts to see what she's been wearing and she is always a great person to go to for some style inspiration. Her blog includes the best selection of coats ever, leather jackets galore and a great shoe collection. She also has a great sense of humour that comes through in her writing, but I guess that just comes naturally to us Scots.

7. Gladys Doris Dave by Gladys Doris Dave

I only recently discovered this Belgian/Filipino fashion blogger from Belgium at the end of last year but better late than never as they say! I just love the way she puts her outfits together including this one I picked from her blog...I'm obsessed with palm trees, ok. I love her style of photography and her blog has a very quirky/arty feel.

8. The Beauty Crush by Sammi Maria

Sammi is a style, fashion, lifestyle AND beauty blogger and Youtuber extraordinaire. I am a regular viewer of her videos on her Youtube channel where you'll find lookbooks, make up tutorials, hauls and more. Her blog was one of the main inspirations to start mine and I still love reading it to this day. She has a real knack to styling and I am probably not the only one envious of her wardrobe and Rihanna like looks. She also gives great advice videos on her vlog channel and takes beautiful photos around her home in London.

9. Arabella by Arabella

This gorgeous part of the internet by Arabella from Oxford will have you dribbling over her stunning collection of jewels, designer sunglasses, shoes, hats...well, just about everything! Her name is just as classy as her style. She also has a few lifestyle posts thrown in there including photos from LFW.

10. Amy Valentine by Amy Valentine
And last but not least, Amy Valentine. I always look forward to reading Amy's new outfit posts as she always styles them to perfection but puts her own unique twist on things. With her sweet bubble-gum pink locks & flawless figure, it's no wonder over 3000 other readers are signed up to her page as well. She also posts hauls and lifestyle posts which are always very interesting to read.

I hope you enjoyed this post and discovered some new bloggers to follow! These aren't all the blogs I follow, there are a lot more that I didn't include (and that I love equally!) but if you'd like me to do another post with my favourite beauty/lifestyle/other bloggers etc. then I will do that as I really enjoyed writing this.
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