Review | Liverpool's Affordable Vintage Fair


Vintage is something I have always loved and admired so when I heard that there was a Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair happening right in Liverpool (thanks to Facebook!), I knew I had to go and check it out...and I was not disappointed. 

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair was born 7 years ago in the lovely town of Leeds as an aim to create a place where amazing vintage traders from all over the UK could showcase their vintage garments, jewels, home ware and more. It's the ultimate treasure trove for vintage lovers. The fair is held in over 30 cities in the UK, so if it sounds like your kind of thing, take a look at their website here or visit their Facebook page for more information- it's well worth a visit.

Me and my friends headed into town to the grand Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral where the fair was held, with our purses at the ready to find some vintage bargains...

One of my favourite stands was The Vintage Corner (pictured on right) who had an amazing selection of jewelled, sparkly tops that I was instantly drawn to. They also have a store in Waterloo, Liverpool as well which I am dying to go and check out.

My vintage bargain find of the day...

I found this beautiful vintage satchel right at the start of the fair, it was like vintage love at first sight. I begged my parents to come back to the fair with me (who are over to visit) and let me buy this, thanks M&D! The bag is in perfect condition and it looks like it's never been used at all so I'm really happy to have found such a bargain, considering the very similar classic Cambridge satchel is at a whopping £108! I think vintage is becoming my new best friend...

As for my friends, I can confirm they all had a great time there too, leaving with bags and bags of new additions to their wardrobes. It was so much more fun than trawling round a high street store as each item was so different from the other and had a story to tell. There was also tea and cake being served next door if you needed to take a break from the shopping and you just can't go wrong when tea and cake is involved.

Whether you're into clothes, jewellery, collectables or homeware ...there is literally something for everyone at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. 

The BoeJack Bag


Photos taken by Jit Pal

Leather 'Boejack design' bag c/o | Doc Martens: Ebay | Jeans: Primark | Collar shirt top: Primark | (Faux) leather jacket: Zara

I sometimes refer to myself as a bit of a 'bag lady' as no matter where i'm going, I always seems to have a bag on me to carry around my essentials. So, when the lovely people over at sent over this beaut of a handbag- I fell in. is an online fashion store created to promote unique and independent designers just like Boejack designs. This bag is made from real leather in a rich burgundy colour (which just happens to go perfectly with my DM's hoho), Japanese linen fabric and a hint of blue even comes with a detachable chain strap so it can be used as a carry about clutch instead. It's the perfect size-not too big and not too small...just like in the story of Goldielocks, it's just right! I can fit everything in there I need without having to carry any extra bags around with me, it's like the answer to my fashion prayers!

The quality of the bag is on point and I can see it lasting me a lifetime. I really can't fault it and I cannot wait to wear it even more! It's also easy peasy to return your item if you are not satisfied (which I really doubt you would be) from as they offer 15 days free returns! You can check out more of their wonderful range of bags here.

Current Beauty Favourites


One of my favourite things to do is go into Boots, Superdrug or any other beauty store and spend ages pouring my eyes over all the different beauty counters and brands testing out all the different products. While out in Liverpool shopping yesterday with some friends, I did just this...and also left with a bagful of things that I just had to share with you...considering it cost me an arm & a leg- I thought i'd atleast make a blog post out of it too as we all love a little haul. I haven't been for a big beauty sweep in a long long time so it was in need that I get stocked up. Enjoy!

From left clockwise:

1. Collection 2000 Luscious lashes: Liverpool seems to be rubbing off on me somehow, next i'll be wearing fake nails and walking round with rollers in my hair (ok, maybe not). These were only an impulse buy, which I will be using for Halloween. They were very cheap compared to other brands so I went for these and they also give a nice cat-eye effect.

2. Maybelline Linerefine Expression kajal soft kohl eyeliner: I was on the hunt for some white eyeliner for my Halloween costume/make up look for next week and they seemed to be sold out in every other brand so I went for Maybelline. White eyeliner also looks fab lined on the inner part of your eyes to give that more wide awake look, something that will really benefit me at the moment.

3. Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in 006 warm beige: As I mentioned not long ago in my 'Brand focus' post, Rimmel is literally my go-to, all time favourite brand and I have been using this powder since I ever started wearing make up. I bought it in warm beige this time, unlike my usual ivory as i'd like to have a bit more colour on my face rather than ressembling Caspar the friendly ghost.

4. Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in 'Just a fling': I was looking around for a nice nude pink lipshade to wear day-to-day as I only have bright and dark colours which I mainly use for nights out. This nude lippy makes for a nice alternative without going OTT but still finishes off my daily make up look nicely.

5. Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating daily scrub: I've recently been having a bad case of blackheads on my nose, which I never used to get before and all of sudden I have loads of them, so I thought I'd give this scrub a go and see if it will get rid of the pesky things.

6. Sally Hansen Airbrush legs: Ok, maybe I am really turning into a scouse lass. Me? Fake tan?! The last time I ever used fake tan was when I was about 13. It was by Johnsons and I would be sure of making the perfect application only to wake up the next morning with giant 'cheesy puff' legs (like that scene from Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging)...and honestly I never thought I'd go back to those days. But, i'm always open to trying something new and this spray seems like the perfect alternative. It's spray-on, leaves a nice medium glow and can be washed off easily with some soap and water.

7. Rimmel Match Perfection SPF18 foundation in 101 classic ivory: My MAC foundation which I bought 1 whole year ago, just ran out (pretty impressive) so this was definitely needed. My student budget is a bit too tight for £25 foundations so Rimmel is the perfect alternative. 

8. Rimmel Exaggerate in 063 eastend snob: The closest I can get to achieving lips a la Miss Angelina Jolie, the better. So, I decided to invest in a good lip-liner which just happens to go perfectly with the lipstick I bought...well, it was planned actually. Nevetheless, they go perfectly together and give the perfect nude lip finish to my everyday make up.

9. Seventeen doll'd up mascara in black: I raved about this mascara back in my 'current beauty favourites' post and here I am, raving about it again. This is honestly one of my favourite mascaras and for once, it's not by Rimmel. I literally cannot fault it and the packaging is pretty cute too.

10. Barry M dazzle dust in 106: I plan to use this mixed a bit in my foundation for that dewy, glowy look.

11. Rimmel Wake me up concealer: Yes, your eyes do not fool you, I have bought yet again something else by Rimmel. These late nights out and early mornings have been giving me some unattractive panda eyes so I decided to invest in a good concealer. I've heard good things about this on other blogs so I have a feeling this may be the cure to my eyebags.

12. Mitchum 48hr oxygen deodorant: Ok, I know it's a bit random to throw deodorant into a beauty post and people would rather not discuss their bodily odours but I think it's something people should take care of...ever been on public transport beside someone smelly? Yeah, well now you'll understand why i'm trying to promote this. This is my all time favourite and I highly recommend it. It's inexpensive and really does the lasts ages and it doesn't have an overpowering smell either. 

13. Barry M nail polishes, Matte in 440 espresso and Gelly hi-shine in 439 blood orange: After getting rid of most of my nail polishes (which i'd had for a lifetime and had all gone gloopy)- I headed to the boss of nail polishes, Mr Barry M. My friend recommended the Matte version to me which I have never tried...and you can never go wrong with a classic red nail and this Gelly version gurantees a super shiny finish.

...And that's me (finally) finished, told you it was a going to be a big haul. It feels good to get back into writing beauty posts, I love doing them! Now that I'm living back in England, trips to Boots and such will be becoming a lot more regular, I apologise in advance to my bank account.

Stay tuned for an outfit post very soon!

I Interview Estella Mason


You may remember Estella who featured in my post: 'Behind The Scenes | Estella Mason Photography & Styling' back in July last year. Well, I'm back today with another episode of my 'An Interview With...' series where, this time, Estella shares with us how it all began, where she gets her inspiration from, her tips for other aspiring photographers wanting to make it in the business and more. Grab yourself a cuppa, be inspired and enjoy.

How did you first discover your love for photography?
I think my first interest in photography started when I was about 14. I used to dress my friends up and take photos of them in the garden and around the house just for fun, but I was quite serious about a career in photography by the time I was 16. I did some work experience with some great photographers who taught me a lot; Jessica Turale, Mark Cowles and Wolfgang Glowaki.

What was your first ever camera?
I got my first camera when I was 12 or 13, for Christmas from my Nan. It was a tiny compact digital, Vivitar brand. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your photographs?
I draw inspiration from a variety of different sources including other artists; Tim Walker, Kirsty Mitchell, Aela Labbe and so many more. I also regularly go on 'Pinterest', it’s a fantastic way to find inspiration and reference it to use later on. I am a very observant person, I like to take in my surroundings and if I find something that inspires me I photograph it. 

How would you describe your style of photography?
My style has definitely changed and developed over the years and I still can’t say I have one particular style but I like to mix fine art with fashion. My photographs almost always include people. I enjoy constructing extravagant sets for my shoots but also enjoy photographic simple details and fleeting moments.

Pick 3 of your current favourite photographs you've taken and why (in no particular order)

1. "Grandmother" there is something alluring about this photograph for me. (click here for the full 'Nostalgia' shoot) 

2. Von Rock family photograph; I love the unplanned poses in this image. (click here for the full 'Von Rock' shoot)

3. "Frida Kahlo"; this is one of my favourite shoots that I've done, it was so much fun to put together and I am such a big fan of Frida Kahlo. (click here for full shoot of 'Frida Kahlo')

Share with us one of your favourite images and why. 
“The Ghost Swift” by Kirsty Mitchell. I strive to create images so seamless, her eye for detail is incredible. This particular image is my favourite amongst her enchanting “Wonderland” series.

What type of session do you enjoy the most, e.g.: wedding, fashion, portrait etc.?
I enjoy doing my personal work the most because it allows me to be experimental. I also love doing styled fashion portraits. 

Who is your favourite photographer and why?
This is way too hard!! I have so many but I would have to say (as mentioned earlier) Tim Walker is a huge inspiration. He creates these unbelievable and elaborate sets for his photographs.

What advice could you offer to someone aspiring to start their own photography business?
Make use of social networks and portfolio sites; post your work everywhere (whilst being cautious of copyright). Facebook is amazing for exposure and allows anyone around the globe to find you. NEVER say no to an opportunity, even if there is nothing in it for you, there is always exposure. Anything is possible so stay humble and work hard and success will follow. I also believe it is so important to be passionate about what you're doing. 

Where do you see your photography career going in the future?
I hope to be able to travel with my business and be involved in editorials, meet other people in the industry and gain as much experience as I can. I hope to continue exhibiting, maybe even around the world.

And finally, a few fun questions... what's your favourite food?
Hmm, is all food an answer?!  Probably chocolate! 

and your favourite item of clothing?
I have a tailored Esprit blazer that I absolutely wear to death! I would have to say it’s probably a favourite. I can dress it up with some black pants, a shirt and heels or dress it down with a flannelette shirt and ripped boyfriend jeans.

What are your go-to pair of shoes?
Boots. I literally have 10 times the amount of boots than I do summer shoes!

...aaand that's a wrap for today! You can check out Estella's fantastic work on her Facebook page or visit her Behance page for her current projects and full shoots. I hope you all enjoyed the second episode of many more interviews to come, I really love doing them. If you're an "up and coming" blogger, artist, musician/band, author or other photographers- anything...all you creative people out there (yes, you!) don't hesitate to contact me as I'd love to feature more and more interviews on here. Click here to view my previous interview with blogger Gladys Doris Dave.

My University Bedroom | Decor & Interior Ideas


Duvet cover & pillow cover set: Kirsty Allsopp range bought in TK Maxx (buy it here) | Union Jack pillow: No idea (similar here)
Photos: my own... | Coaster: Primark | Box of tissues (the design was too cute to resist): Tesco | Buddha: Charity shop
Leopard print storage basket: Primark | Kings of Leon poster: Ebay | Lamp: Bhs | Bunting: gift

Pen holder: carboot sale
Yes those are avacados...
Polka dot coffee cup: Primark

Union jack hearts: Ecogem (France) | File storage: TK Maxx
So, I thought I'd prepare a little post for the nosey lot out there (like myself heh) that like to see inside people's rooms, where they buy their things or just get some tips/ideas for themselves and for your university bedroom by showing you all my unversity bedroom. Or should I say, temporary, university bedroom. I was one of the unfortunate lot (well depends how you look at it really) that got put in accommodation that will be soon refurbished or one really knows to be honest. So, come Christmas, I'll be somewhere else! Nevertheless, I wanted to make my new room as homely and comfortable as possible for the time that I am here by adding a few personal touches considering the room is, ahem, is a bit bland and tasteless (green curtains anyone?). I went shopping MAD in Primark seeing as I couldn't bring a lot of it over from France but was surprised at the great variety and quality at Primark's home range. I've listed above where you can find most of things I bought, if there's something I didn't mention- feel free to comment and i'll try and work out where I got it...I buy a lot of things so it's hard for me to remember it all...

Other room essentials i'd recommend are ipod speakers/radio, mugs/glasses, dvd's to watch on lazy days, slippers & a dressing gown, giraffe onesie (optional)...i'd also recommend going to a pound shop/pound savers for anything else. I got tons of things from there and it cost me next to nothing which is always good when you're on a tight student budget!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it maybe gave you some tips for your university rooms/bedrooms in general. If you've done a similar post i'd love to see it so please comment a link to your post!

Winter Coats


Autumn's officially here so that means big cosy jumpers, hot chocolates and the most essential - coats. I would be a coat hoarder if my wardrobe was big enough...and if my student budget allowed it. I picked out some of my faves from the high street to share with you favourite being the boyfriend coat. I bought one last year (see post here) and I plan to dig it out again this year - it's a timeless piece...add some brogues, a chunky knit, jeans and a fedora and say 'come at me, Autumn!'

I Interview Gladys Doris Dave

Gladys is the founder and voice behind Doris Dave, a personal style blog where she posts about her travels, outfits and other life happenings. The blog was started back in 2011 as a bit of fun but now with over 1000 followers (Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin' combined) and over 5000 on LookBook, to say her blog has been a success would be an understatement. Gladys is a belgian/filipino/german, graphic design student based in Ghent in Belgium and she was kind enough to answer some questions and give us an insight into the life of a personal style blogger...

What made you want to start a blog?

I started blogging when I was in high school, it wasn't anything serious. Just a blog with bits and bobs about life that I shared with friends. But in the summer before my first year of college, I travelled to Stockholm with a friend. And this city just changed my view of fashion and creativity. During that time, I was following tons of other fashion and personal style bloggers. That triggered me to create my own too!

Is there a particular person, era or thing that inspires your style? 

My school and my friends are the ones that inspire me the most.

What will be your three key wardrobe pieces for Autumn 2014?

Oversized coats, fedora hats and chunky oversized sweaters! 

Vintage or high-street- which do you prefer and why?

Both! I think it's a great way to mix and match. A vintage piece is perfect and mostly unique, so you won't see others wearing the same thing!

Which are you three favourite outfits from your blog? 

When you're not blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Probably messing around with Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop with some rap playing in the background. Besides that I like to hang out in cafes and pubs with friends!

What's your favourite fashion magazine?

I don't particularly have a favourite. Here are some of the ones I like: ELLE, Purple Fashion Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Wonderland magazine...

Has blogging given you any exciting opportunities?

Yes! Loads of new adventures! It has given me the opportunity to work on different projects, like YSL Black Opium (more soon on the blog), Ghentstreets (, but also meeting other creative people!

Who is your target reader for your blog?

People that are interested in fashion and art.

And finally, what advice would you give to would-be bloggers?

Create a clean theme, take quality pictures, write about what you love, be consistent, socialize... and have fun with it!
You can check out Gladys's blog here where you can browse through her blog archive and find all the links to her other social networks too. What did you think of this post? More interviews in the future on this blog I'm thinking!

Life In Liverpool So Far


So it's already been a week since I hopped on a plane with my two very large suitcases, hand luggage and laptop in tow to make my journey to Liverpool for my studies. It certainly wasn't easy but here I am sitting in my university room, feeling 'at home' with more friends and contacts than I had before leaving...not to mention the week long hangover i've been having and the freshers flu that has finally caught up with me...i'm surprised I'm even capable of writing this blog post. I don't think I realised how much moving away from home would affect me. I was crying like a baby on the first night when my mum left me - but i'm not crying into my pillow anymore, so s'all good. I've been out (almost) every night dancing to the likes of Zane Lowe and GoT's Kristain Nairn, strolled the streets of Liverpool town centre and soaked up my new surroundings for the next 3 years. Whilst getting lost the other day (for a good two hours...) I found myself walking down the hidden streets where I admired the vibrant street art, the quirky buildings and cute bars and restaurants...

Reality will finally settle in on Monday when lectures start but I actually feel excited about a course i'm doing - for the first time ever, shocking! Anyway, this post was slightly more lifestyle-y/diary related but I wanted to share how it was going for me and also make up for my lack of posting lately. I'll be doing a lot more once lectures start so I will try and make room for review posts and day to day things. I think as a young student, moving to a big city where there's lots of things to do is definitely the right thing for me and I can still enjoy my home back in rural France, best of both worlds.

Welcome to Liverpool!

The Palazzo Pant


Trousers: Promod | Denim jacket: H&M | Necklace: Carboot sale | Leather look rucksack c/o Motel Rocks | Shoes: H&M | White vest: H&M

Hello hello hello! Long time no blog. These photos were taken on a trip into Limoges to visit my sister in her new appartement. It's right in the centre near all the shops, bars, restaurants and just down the road from the cinema- I'm actually a little jealous but I'll be moving in two weeks to start my uni adventure so I'm not really too jealous. Anyway, that would be the reason why I haven't been blogging so much with the endless forms I've been filling in, online applications and phone calls and then the big one- packing. Adult life can be pretty stressful!

Onto the outfit. My love affair with boho trousers continues. These trousers (or palazzo pants as my maw calls them) were a bit of an impulse buy. I saw them in the sale at 20 € down from 40 €...half price! How could I resist? They're in a gorgeous deep purple shade with a beautiful flower print all over and little slits up the side (ooh cheeky). They are the most comfortable trousers I've ever worn, in fact I'm wearing them while writing this post...I love them!

I'll try and fit in a few more posts before I leave as I will have probably no time or will to post during my Freshers week (hangover, hello) but I'll make sure to keep you all updated on my university adventures and what I'm up to, what I'm wearing and all that jazz.

ps. My blog is now on Facebook (about blimmin' time) so you can keep up date when a new blog post goes live or just read my other general ramblings.

Haul |


Heeey y'all! I am in fact, writing a blog post, at midnight- what has my life come to? Summer does this to me, I never get to bed before midnight for some reason. Although the other day I managed to get to bed for 11:45, livin' life on the edge.

Anyway, on with today's... or technically tomorrow's? post, I don't know. Here is a big fat haul of all the lovely things I ordered from I'm not going to a funeral, I just really like the colour black. There is a black AND white stripy dress if you look closely. Black is just so easy to style and it will never go out of fashion. Everything looks amazing on so I was really pleased as this is my first MotelRocks order-ever (shockerrr). Although, I had to send back 4 things, one thing I ordered twice (how did I even?), one that just looked ridiculous on me but totally amazing on the model, the other which was a bikini and my boobs wouldn't fit in properly and a playsuit that gave me a wedgie (never fun) BUT apart from that, I'm totally happy with everything and how quick the parcel arrived. The DM Clarissa sandals are so comfy and cool (even Ellie Goulding has a pair). You can check out each item individually with the links I've put above where I've done a review on each item on the MotelRocks website under the name of Lucie Rose.

See something you like? Well, you can get 20% off your order at checkout with my coupon code 'lucie rose'. Niiiice.

Check, Mate


Midi skirt (also in black) | Oversized tee (also in white) | White dress (also in black) | Shirt dress (also in black | Crop top - all on

Being part of the MotelRocks street team, I'm always keeping up to date with what's new on their website. I came across their new collection of checked pieces which I fell in fashion love with. Also, the fact I'm loving black and white lately- since they're so versatile to style with- made me love the clothes even more. I love the oversized checker tee (second from left) which would be great styled up with a little bralet, jeans or leggings and chunky high heeled boots. The print comes in lots of different styles from dresses to tops and skirts so you can easily work it into your wardrobe whatever size or shape you are!

Don't forget, you get 20% discount off anything (except sale items) on MotelRocks by entering my coupon code 'lucierose' at checkout!

Brand Focus | Rimmel Favourites


I chose to chitchat about Rimmel today. My all time favourite make up brand. I love pouring my eyes over a Rimmel stand and looking at all their makeup and latest products... I get some sort of thrill out of it! Weird, I know. Some people like roller coaster rides, I like make up- that's the way the cookie crumbles. Enough about cookies.
1. Hide the Blemish concealer | 2. Natural bronzer in 022 Sun bronze | 3. Professional eyebrow pencil in 001 dark Brown | 4. Stay Matte powder in 001 transparent | 5. Kate Moss lipstick in 101 | 6. 60 second nail varnish in 303 raw as night | 7. Scandaleyes flex mascara in black

(Little disclaimer: I was inspired by Essie Button's Youtube channel for this post who does a brand focus video where she discusses products from that brand she loves and about the brand too- I decided to do a written version. Anyhoo, on with the post.)

I selected my favourite products of Rimmel to share with you. First of all, the Hide the Blemish concealer, probably the first concealer I ever used. Shaped and formed like a lipstick and it literally does what it says, it hides the blemishes. Another great product of Rimmel's- its powders. I have literally never used any other mattifying powder than Stay Matte since I ever started wearing make-up, I can't get over how good and how cheap it is. Some of my latest discoveries are the Rita Ora nail polish and the Kate Moss lipstick. Despite Rimmel being a pretty low-priced, high street brand- they've worked with some big names which gives the brand a young, current feel. And last but not least, their eye products are my all time favourite. The mascaras are never much more than £10 and have the quality of a designer mascara so if you are on the hunt for the perfect mascara, I'm sure Rimmel will have one for you. I am also currently loving their eyebrow pencil which goes perfectly with my brow shade and has a little brush with it too.

What I love most about Rimmel, in case I haven't mentioned already, is how cheap it is! You get what you pay for and more. I think it makes me feel quite patriotic too, it being a British brand with British models and music artists representing it. They're always bringing out new and exciting products, stunning coloured eyeshadows, lipsticks and also great foundations and powders all of great quality. I will always stay loyal to Rimmel as they were the first brand of make up I ever tried and I (including my mum and sister too) still use it to this day.

How I Stay Fit & Healthy


Now, I'm not going to lie to you all, I am by no means perfect when it comes to eating and exercising. I don't eat salad and fruit all day everyday or go to the gym 2 hours everyday- noooo way. I need to live my life! I eat pizza, I enjoy a good munch of Pringles (or a whole tub), a drink (or a few, ok more than a few...) on a night out- I'm only human! But, I try my best to make those little changes and make sure I look after myself in the best way possible. This is quite a sticky subject for me to talk about but here goes!

My weight is something I've been struggling with ever since that silly P word (ahem, puberty). I used to be pretty thin, I mean I've always had a bit of tummy on me but most importantly, I felt comfortable with my weight. In fact, I didn't even think about it. Now, I hate to say it but it's something I struggle with pretty much's something that gets me feeling crappy more than it should and I'm constantly reminded by either the scales, the mirror or sometimes by clothes that don't fit. I think it's even harder for us girls (and guys) today to love our bodies as we are constantly bombarded with pictures of models and music artists whether that be on TV, in magazines or on Instagram, it's hard to escape it and we compare ourselves constantly. Thus leading to extremes such as intense workouts and worst of all, eating disorders... which I am all too familiar with having had someone I know and love suffer from one- it's crazy really how far some people go. I am not going to go into that too much, let's leave that to the professionals. All I want to do is change this negative feeling I have on my body (and for anyone else that does too) to a good one by making little changes. Cause, let's face it, it's the only body we'll ever have!

My aim of todays post is to give you a little insight into how I make healthier choices, how I try and keep fit and healthy and different tips I recommend for any of you out there who perhaps feel the same way- 'cause we're not alone! PS. Please take these tips with a pinch of salt, some don't work for all and I am not a fitness instructor nor a nutritionist... these are just little tips to help you in some way!

Find an exercise that suits YOU

Just because everyone else is going to the gym or running doesn't always mean it will work for you too. If it means trying every sport till you find one you like, do that! It'll be worth it once you find that right sport, it could be anything. If the exercise feels like a task you want to be over and done with- you'll never look forward to it or enjoy it and it's not the sport for you. Of course, if you have not been exercising for a while, any sport will feel difficult at first, just be patient!

I've recently discovered hula hooping! Something I hadn't done since I was about 5 years old till last week. It's so much fun, it is doing amazing things for my tummy, hips and legs and I can do it while watching TV or listening to music- indoors or outdoors. I enjoy it and look forward to doing it, something I never thought I'd say about exercise. Rumour has it Beyoncé and Kelly Osbourne are fans of hula hooping too, so if it works for them, well it works for me! Other exercise I do includes walking, jogging or doing an exercise video indoors.

Get the right kit for you
Trainers: | Jogger leggings: Lidl (so cool, I know) | T-shirt: Marks & Spencers | 'Shock Absorber' sports bra: Ebay

You don't need to spend a ton on a new sports kit but it is important to have a good one. Luckily, you can easily get trainers, jogging bottoms and sports bra's pretty cheaply online or at the supermarket. But make sure you buy comfy gear! I've exercised in my normal clothes before and it was a very silly idea. I read a quote that said 'Put your workout clothes on, then decide if you are going to work out or not'...which I've found to be really effective- it motivates me and puts me in the mood to work out. Once you've gone to all that effort to change, you might as well workout. The important thing is to feel comfortable and don't buy something too tight...something you can move freely in.
These Nike's were bought on sale at, a great site with tons of sportswear at discount prices!

Use social media to your advantage

There are so many apps out there, it's hard to know which ones are worth downloading. While some apps just waste your time, there are many others that could benefit you in many ways. My favourites would be, Running+ by Nike, RunKeeper, and Moves. These are great apps to record your progress, workouts, runs and how much you've been moving each day. You can also add friends through Facebook to join in with you and do challenges with a voice coach to motivate you. I also use the app iMusic where I have created a Workout Music playlist with all my favourite songs which keep me going and enjoying my workout.
Pinterest is also a great  way to keep you motivated. I've created a 'Fitness' board where I post healthy recipes, exercise ideas, quotes for motivation and images of my ideal body...sometimes when I'm working out and feeling like it's going nowhere, I have a flick through these photos and it reminds me why I started in the first place and tells me to keep going.

Make healthier choices

It really is true when people say 'it's the little things that make that big difference'. Just by simply opting for a glass of water with lemon rather than lemonade or making a yummy fruit salad instead of eating a chocolate bar will really make that difference in the long term. Of course, it's easier said than done, I know too well. You are allowed to eat these things though, in moderation.

I've added lots of things to my diet now that before I would never have even thought of such as avocados (ob-sessed) with boiled egg for breakfast (as shown above), almonds, raisins and apricots as a snack and my all time new favourite, Nutri-Bullet smoothies. You can put any fruit or vegetables in a Nutri-Bullet and it blends in seconds. They make the perfect snack or breakfast drink and for anyone with a sweet tooth, smoothies are a great way around that. When I go into restaurants, I opt for something different and something healthier, you may be surprised and discover something new and healthy that you love. Then you can try it yourself at home and then it may become a new staple to your everyday diet. Just little changes like that make a difference.

Strawberries, bananas and apricots- oh myyyyy!

Just move!

Another quote I love is 'Food is the most abused anxiety drug and exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant'. This is so true, it's amazing how good you can feel after exercise (and blimmin' sweaty too) and also how crappy you feel after pigging out. It's easy to think food will solve your problems and it will, that is if your problem is hunger, of course (duh). But if it's because you're sad, nervous, angry, anxious etc...well, food, in the long term, won't help that. Exercise will! If you have nothing to do, just a little walk, or jog or cycle can make that difference. The other day I went for a walk but brought my new camera with me to take some photos- exercise and enjoyment at the same time. It doesn't always have to feel horrible or like you're dying, trust me, I've been there- not pretty.

So there you go, some of my wee ways I try to keep fit and healthy.

I hope this helped some people and gave you some tips, or new Iphone apps to discover. Not meaning to sound cheesy but seriously, learn to love your body and treat it well. Apart from feeling square-eyed and the word exercise no longer looking like a word, I think I enjoyed writing this kind of post.
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