Christmas Haul 2013

So, I'm a tad late on this one aren't I? Seeing as it's already 2 days after Christmas and we're all probably moving on with our lives now! I do have my excuses... i've been a tad busy with all the festivities (sitting in my onesie eating copious amounts of chocolate whilst watching Christmas movies counts as festivities right?). Nevertheless, I thought I'd share what I got for Christmas this year with you all. It is by no means showing off, I just like to share what I got and if like me you are a nosy person then feel free to read on (also leave a link if you have done a Christmas haul post too)! I didn't ask for much (though, I'm sure my mum will disagree on that) but compared to other years I haven't, as I already got some expensive bits and bobs throughout the year and honestly wasn't particularly wanting or needing anything. Despite that, as always, Santa was very kind and I got some lovely things! Enjoy!

These are the goodies that I found in my stocking. I always love new beauty and make up products to try out so was chuffed to get all this!

From left clockwise: 'Dirty Works' concealer- I tried this out and it's very similar to Boiing or Lemon aid by Benefit and the packaging is a little cube, perfect to fit in your make up bag;

Vaseline 'rosy lips'- you can never have too much lip balm in these chilly months and this one leaves a nice pink tint as well;

Max Factor colour effects mini nail polish in 'Intense Plum'- this looks perfect for the party season and has a lovely shimmer;

Max Factor lipfinity nudes- includes a pink lipgloss that you leave to dry for a minute and a lipbalm to lock in the colour plus giving you extra protection from chapped lips;

Max Factor Lasting Lip tint in 'royal plum'- this does what it says on the tin as it really does last! It's a lot more subtle than lipstick and gives a nice pop of colour to your lips; 

bracelet set Accesorize- I have got jewellery from Accesorize before and always love these little 4 bracelet sets which are perfect to add a bit of arm bling to an outfit. I had one that was more summer themed which I wore to a festival last July (there's only about one left of them...), but these are perfect to go with party outfits;

bracelet ring Accesorize-I've been wanting one of these for ages and never thought my mum would think to buy me one, turns out she does listen to what I say more than I think.

My sister got me this gorgeous leopard print Iphone 5 cover from H&M (click here to see their other designs) which is perfect as I didn't have a cover before and I have dropped my phone a few times (bad Lucie). Now my phone will be protected and stylish at the same time.

EEEEEK. Probably one of my favourite presents. We don't have Netflix in France yet, but even if we did, I'd prefer having this on dvd. The whole family started watching it last night and even my mum seems addicted (and she normally falls asleep after films and TV shows if they don't interest her). If you haven't seen Breaking Bad yet, get it on Netflix, box set whatever you fancy and prepare to hibernate for the next few weeks till you're finished (physically and emotionally).

I was ranting and raving about this film back in May (see post here) and after seeing the movie in the cinemas, I've been dying to get the dvd ever since. I just loved this movie and the stunning make up & outfits from the 20's. I sat in my onesie last night and watched this and enjoyed it even more the second you can never have too many dvd's with Leonardo Dicaprio in it.

I received a couple of hearty shaped/themed bedroom bits and bobs including this union jack bunting style heart decoration which is hanging proudly above my bedside table. This second cute little heart was from my friend Charlotte, I love the quote and will definitely be going by it in the coming year...they both look great along side my floral duvet in my shabby chic style room.

This is a stunning journal from Lindau Gospels collection by friend bought one and when I saw it I fell in love with the amazing design and jewel like design, so I had to get my hands on one! It looks like something from a fairy-tale I think (turns out you can find it on good ole Amazon though!). It's a beautiful design and I can't wait to write in it come 2014.

Ok, this isn't exactly an outstanding present but I'd asked my mum (*cough* Santa) for some of these sparkly tights and was so chuffed to get them! I'd noticed them around the shops lately and they reminded me of my school disco days when I thought they were the coolest thing since sliced bread! Turns out they are still pretty fashionable and perfect for NYE!

You can never beat a classic scarf and glove combo on Christmas and I love this set my Auntie sent over from Marks & Sparks...(if you're reading, thanks Auntie Sue, I love it!). They look great with anything including my navy winter coat and they keep me nice 'n' toasty too.

This was (another) of my favourite presents! I already have a pair of Doc Martens in patent black and was keen to get my hands on the classic cherry red pair, and Santa was obviously listening as I unwrapped these beauties on Christmas morn. I'm wearing them today and they are so comfy and look great with denim or a floral dress. I believe they are from Ebay, apparently Santa likes a good bargain too.

I'm a big fan of collars and I'm glad to add this tasselled beauty to my collection. My friend Yvanca got me this from Asos, I just love it and the studs give it a rock feel. It looks great with jumpers, tops and dresses. I wore it with this dress on Christmas day...

This lovely dress from H&M was a gift from my mum, and I wouldn't have thought to buy it myself but it fits so well and comes just above the knee so it was perfect to wear out to our Christmas meal. I love the black and white aztec print which looks great with my biker boots and jacket.

This is the first time in four years we've had a proper living room to call our own (after a lot of renovation work) with an actual standing, (ok, slightly lopsided) tree to put presents under. It felt properly festive and relaxed this year!

We had a lovely meal out, which was a tad different as we're all used to a traditional meal at home since forever. It was a nice change though and we had delicious food including 6 courses (yes, 6 you read correctly)...and it was a nice break from all the cooking and preparing for my parents I think! I hope you enjoyed this post and all had a wonderful Christmas, ate loads and had a great time with your loved ones.
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