Autumn Outfit Layouts

Ok, so last time I did a 'My recent OOTD's' post, which I did like and get some good comments from but I wasn't that keen on doing it again, as the photos weren't great quality and it didn't show off the outfits that well. So, I got an idea from one of my other favourite blogs 'Le Happy' where she did some outfit layouts. I think this will be something nice & new to do instead of what I did last time! I'm generally quite an indecisive person so it takes me a while to settle on one thing, but I think this is a great idea which will hopefully give you all some styling tips, ideas or just to have a peek at my outfits! I love experimenting on my blog anyway and trying out new things so please do comment and give me your feedback. Anyway, here are some outfits I have been wearing a lot so far this Autumn...(WARNING: contains a lot of jumpers)

Outfit 1: I'm loving combining jumpers over dresses (so basically it looks like a skirt), this dress is from Topshop which I bought on Ebay and the jumper from Pimkie on sale. A simply, pretty and comfy look which is perfect for school or going out in the day. Doc martens are perfect for this rainy weather along with some tights.

Outfit 2: I can't get enough of leather at the moment, or tartan for that matter so what better to do than combine both? This is a really punk/rock look especially with my Doc martens added, but quirked up a bit with my Bonjour Monsieur tee & bleached Levis (with tights ovbiouuusly).

Outfit 3: I love this fair isle print jumper, and I was jumping with joy when I found it at a charity shop for 1 teeny weeny euro. I added my brogues and pearl earrings for a preppy look.

Outfit 4: I've been wearing this look a lot, it's something I literally put together at 6am one morning, when I wasn't entirely awake. I love my boyfriend jeans from Zara which I wear nearly everyday, I think they're getting tired of me...they look great with these slouchy cream boots I got for 2 euros and my stripy jumper which I bought at a car boot along with my army style jacket from Tokyo doll at New Look (which I bought about a year ago for 12 euros on sale!)

Outfit 5: I decided to throw an Autumn night look in as well as all my day looks. Going out lately has been pretty rare with school & just generally being too tired (yep I'm a wimp) but I when I do, I like to make sure my outfit will keep me warm when getting to and from clubs/bars but not too warm that I'll be suffocating indoors...now that wouldn't be attractive would it? So, I chose my black skater skirt, H&M leopard print cardi which adds a fancier touch to the outfit and will keep you warm, velvet H&M booties & gold accessories to give the outfit more of an evening look. Add some tights and you're good to go.

Outfit 6: This is a bit of 'hipster' look, oh a went there! I've been wearing my Vans all the time along with beanies & this huge comfy sweater with my boyfriend jeans. A casual boyish look along with some gold bling, yes, I just said bling, and what?

Outfit 6: Tartan's back again! I'm wearing this scarf today, and I wore it yesterday...becoming a bit of an obsession you might say? Nah, I prefer to call it 'a good investment', it's well worth the money and you can literally wear it with ANYTHING. I bought this black jumper last week which is perfect for Autumn, over collared shirts (this one from a charity shop)...along with some black pencil leg trousers & vintage brown accessories (bag from car boot).

Outfit 6: I bought this jumper from Primark a year ago on the hunt for the perfect winter jumper & this one fitted the bill. I added my Primark necklace and some pearly earrings along with my Levis. This is kind of outfit is perfect if you're just staying indoors/at home.

Outfit 7: I just used some other pieces from the other outfits and mixed and matched to show how versatile some pieces can be! I added my stripey beanie which keeps me lugs nice n warm.

Outfit 8: Last outfit... Black, black, and some more black...with a small splash of soft pink. This look is rather romantic/grunge and I love clashing the sheer flowy fabric of this maxi skirt (bought on Amazon) with my big chunky Doc martens along with some black jewellery (Topshop ring & Ebay necklace) and my fedora.

So that's it for my Outfit Layouts for Autumn. Ok, I'll admit, I'm a liiiittle bit excited for Christmas already...just a bit. Let me know your views and comments on this post as I love to hear what you think! I'm writing my personal statement today (eek) and having a chilled weekend after some drinks & cocktails with friends last night. Have a nice weekend all!
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