Sunday, November 03, 2013
Secondhand Sunday #8

Secondhand Sunday #8

This is my last (now I really mean my last haha) of my 'Secondhand Sunday' posts (for this year). The items featured in this post were actually things I found a while ago in carboot sales, before I even started this blog and I never shared on here so I thought I would. It's a real mixture of random items to be honest, anyway, enjoy!

1. Floral print scarf, 50 cents. 2. Crop lace top, 1 euro. 3. Short dungarees, 5 euros. 4. Bag, 3 euros. 5. Cream rosary beads, 5 euros. 6. This bracelet was bought for me by a friend so I don't know the price but it was from a carboot too. 7. Ivory 'look' (think it's actually plastic) bracelet, 50 cents.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few things I bought... I was so chuffed with the dungarees, they are so practical & soo comfy so I will definitely be wearing them with tights & boots throughout winter and then into the warmer months with crop tops & converse/vans. I just fell in the love with the design on the bag I bought and I actually think it's real leather too-it's so soft! And well you know me, for the jewellery, the more the merrier. Anyway, this is really the last of these posts for this year & I will back next year to continue on my secondhand sunday series! Please leave a comment saying what you thought of the 'Secondhand Sunday' posts and if you'd like to see them again...or perhaps in a different way, like a lookbook or something. A bientot!