Part 3 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear

Chain: Carboot | Bag: Carboot | Converse: Ebay | T-shirt: Primark | Fedora: Missguided

So, the last look to the three outfit series including my Missguided dungarees. All the looks I chose are pretty casual, but I think dungarees look better worn that way, or if you're feeling a bit adventurouuuus, you can always wear heels too as seen on the likes of Rihanna which give it a bit of an edge. My mum came back from a trip to England with a few things from Primark (living in rural France, it becomes a bit of a treat) and brought back this 'Bonjour Monsieur' moustache tee, which I love...and it's quite funny wearing it when you actually live in France! She got it for only £5 and there were other designs too such as The Beatles. A simple, fun look.

What did you think of this three ways to wear series?
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