Part 2 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear

Crop top: Missguided.co.uk | Necklace: River Island | Fedora: Missguided | Vans: Cloggs.com | Shirt: Carboot sale

So, continuing on from Sunday's post, here's my second look including my MissGuided dungarees. I'm wearing the same fedora, (again, I know), and it will be in the next outfit too... just warning you. I just really love it and it seems to look good with everything! The shirt I bought for 2 euros at my most recent carboot, where I was selling my own stuff so only had a brief moment to look round myself, so I picked up this. It's very 'Rihanna' if you know what I mean, to tie the shirt round my waist, but what the heck, I like it & it's really comfy! I'm going to wear this as long as the weather allows...then I'll definitely have to resort to jumpers.
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