Secondhand Sunday #7


Oops, I'm a little late on this one aren't I? Apologies for that, I got a tad side tracked! So, here we have it, a Sunday feature on a Monday. Will the world stop turning? Nope. Do I need to worry about this? Nope. Ok, glad we've settled that then! Soooo, I went to a carbooty sale yesterday as my mum told me at the last minute there was one going on this weekend, despite the fact I thought they were all finished for the year but apparently people still have lots of their junk to sell (more great vintage fashion bargains in my case) so I was keen to get another Secondhand Sunday post before the season is over. I found some fantastic fashion pieces today and spent a total of just 10 euros on all of this :

1 euro for this stripey beanie. I will  be wearing it a lot during winter as in France, winters are COLD, and I mean, minus degree temperatures. This will keep my ears cosy while still looking stylish at the same time...and looking slightly like a robber/'where's wally' too. It's similar to some of the beanies they've been selling in River Island like these.

This polka dot short cost me 1 euro. Amazing or what?! It's actually black despite it looking navy in the photos. It can be tied up at the bottom, buttoned up to the top, left open, worn with a skirt, jumper, leather jacket, jeans, anything...the amount of outfits I will get out of this one item is endless and it cost me next to nothing! Here are a few ways in which I'd style it too.

If you've read my other posts, you'll know I have quite an obsession with jewellery, or anything sparkly. I got these beauties for 2 euros. The diamante detailing around the pearl (not real ofcourse) looks just amazing with my hair up in a bun.

I finally have some tartan in my life! I've been lusting after it for ages and when I saw this skirt for only 3 euros, I snapped it up straight away. It's great quality wool with a small split up the back, it's just perfect. I think I might get it taken up as it is rather long then i'll be wearing it with my leather jacket and red belt as shown in the photo.

I wasn't sure about buying this at first but for 1 euro, you can't say no. I think it'll look great in the warmer summer months (seems so far away *sigh*) with some high waisted shorts along with some red lippy or over a bikini at the beach. This is really 80's and yes a bit out there but worn with the right thing it'll look great.

This bright red lace jacket was 2 euros. It looks great with some black skinny jeans and this necklace which I bought previously at another carboot.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It's probably my last carbooty post til next year *sad face*...but means I can take a break from the buying...for a few months...or a few days, nah maybe just a few minutes...

Part 3 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear


Chain: Carboot | Bag: Carboot | Converse: Ebay | T-shirt: Primark | Fedora: Missguided

So, the last look to the three outfit series including my Missguided dungarees. All the looks I chose are pretty casual, but I think dungarees look better worn that way, or if you're feeling a bit adventurouuuus, you can always wear heels too as seen on the likes of Rihanna which give it a bit of an edge. My mum came back from a trip to England with a few things from Primark (living in rural France, it becomes a bit of a treat) and brought back this 'Bonjour Monsieur' moustache tee, which I love...and it's quite funny wearing it when you actually live in France! She got it for only £5 and there were other designs too such as The Beatles. A simple, fun look.

What did you think of this three ways to wear series?

Part 2 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear


Crop top: | Necklace: River Island | Fedora: Missguided | Vans: | Shirt: Carboot sale

So, continuing on from Sunday's post, here's my second look including my MissGuided dungarees. I'm wearing the same fedora, (again, I know), and it will be in the next outfit too... just warning you. I just really love it and it seems to look good with everything! The shirt I bought for 2 euros at my most recent carboot, where I was selling my own stuff so only had a brief moment to look round myself, so I picked up this. It's very 'Rihanna' if you know what I mean, to tie the shirt round my waist, but what the heck, I like it & it's really comfy! I'm going to wear this as long as the weather allows...then I'll definitely have to resort to jumpers.

Part 1 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear


Here is Part 1 to another series of  'Three Ways To Wear', including my dungarees, which I have been wearing non stop lately. If you like the look of them, hop on over to & buy them here

Tshirt: H&M | Brogues: H&M | Hat: | Bag: Carboot sale

I put this look together at random and I'm pretty happy how it all went so well together! My mum realised I looked like someone out of Dexy's Midnight Runners...after looking on google, I have to say, I actually do. This look is perfect to wear to school, out for the day, or to the library (lol I never go to the library). It's a very comfy, effortless, casual look and all you need to do is throw on a nice big chunky cardi when it gets a bit chillier and you're good to go. The trick is to try and not look like a farmer and a little more alexa chung-ish. I hope you enjoyed todays post and stay tuned for Part 2 sometime this week. A bientot!

PS. Check out this clip from 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' movie featuring 'Come on Eileen', it makes me smile every time.

The Tartan Army


Tartan never goes out of fashion and this Autumn is no exception. It's everywhere at the moment, online, on the high-street and in magazines. I'm absolutely loving it (being a Scottish lass at heart) and think it's great people are wearing it a lot's always been in fashion but more celebs have been wearing it lately as well as on the catwalk. For that real 80's punk look, add a leather jacket, some doc martens (or heels for the evening), some red lippy and you're good to go. Here are some photos to get your tartan juices a-flowin'.

All images taken from Tumblr & Google

Have you bought anything tartan lately?

My Recent OOTD's


I thought i'd do something new where i'll share some Instagram OOTD shots (outfits of the day, just incase you didn't know) of some outfits i've been wearing a lot lately. I don't always have the time to do full outfit posts and there isn't always someone to take the photos for me so I thought this would be a quick & easy way to show you and also share some style tips! Hope you like it!

1. My doc martens, once again, making an appearance! I've been wearing my leather biker jacket from Zara (featured here) loads and paired it with my black maxi with a knot tied at the end to show the boots. Simple and comfy.

2.   When it's too cold to wear skimpy summer dresses but not quite minus degree temperatures outside, pairing your usual summer clothes with jumpers layered over with tights and boots, is the perfect transition from summer to autumn wear. That way, your summer clothes won't be stuffed somewhere down the back of your wardrobe till next year. Here I'm wearing my playsuit which I thrifted at a charity shop (featured post here) along with my cosy Pimkie jumper, tights, doc martens and fedora.

3. I will be doing a 3 ways to style post, (when I find the time!) on these dungarees but thought I'd share how I've been wearing them anyhow... they're sooo comfy! I paired them with my vans, gold chain and fedora.

4. Here we have more of a night-out/party look. I've been wearing these floral trousers from Promod a hell of a lot. I refuse to let the fact that summers over stop me wearing these...similar to my idea from outfit no.2, they also look great paired with a jumper! Super comfy and they just make me feel great when I wear them.

5. Since I bought these Zara boyfriend jeans, they literally haven't left my legs since. They look good with everything. Leopard print is set to be a big trend this autumn/winter so I added this cardi from H&M paired with a simple vest and red pumps. 
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