Current Favourites

My monthly favourites, just some things I'm loving and lusting after this September...
From left clockwise:

1. D&G- I'm loving D&G's 2013 Fall Collection which are filled with Russian inspired pieces, bejewelled crowns & Venetian mosaic style dresses. Check out the collection here

2. Gesaffelstein: A born & bred French techno artist & DJ from Lyon. He's probably been around for a while, but as usual, I don't find out about it till way later. Tracks to listen to are OPR, Control Movement & Viol. 

3. Maxi skirt: Shorts & short skirts are out the window since winter appears to have come early and I'm already thinking of getting my hot water bottle out again (for bed I mean, not to walk around with) so maxi skirts are the perfect alternative. I'll be wearing mine with my DM's & a leather jacket.

4. Bobbi Brown Eyebrow shadow: The whole eyebrow pencil look isn't working for me, the colour doesn't match my eyebrows & I'm worried I have a case of the 'scouse brow' coming on. I've heard many good reviews about this eyebrow shadow and it gives a much more natural look.

5. Beanie: Perfect for this chilly Autumn air and perfect for bad hair days (I have many of those). Buy it here.

6. Stud Oxford shoes: I spotted these in the window of MANGO and I have fallen in love with them since...I doubt I will actually get them (I'm trying to actually save some money for once) but, they're nice to look at...and dream about...and pretend I have them...

7. Arctic Monkeys 'Am': New album out today from the good ole mardy bums & I LOVE it. I have to say I only ever loved their very first 2 albums, then in between, not so much, but BOY have they made a good one here. 'Do I Wanna Know', 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High', 'R U Mine?', 'Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You' and 'Arabella' are all favourites.

8. LWLD (Little White Lace Dress): Yes, I made that up...I'm after one of these to go with my Leather Jacket & some biker boots...along with some tights, my fedora and it's perfect for Autumn.

So, that's this months favourites! I'm not sure I'm coming back next month with the same thing, I might make a slight change to my posts & I have lots of other ideas up my sleeve. I have a busy weekend ahead including selling loads of my own things at a carboot on Sunday (yes, I'm actually making money, not spending it for once).  And hi to some of my new followers, thanks a lot for joining!
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