Part 3 | One Biker Jacket, Three Ways To Wear

Resuming on the 'Three Ways To Wear' series, outfit number three. My sister bought me these heels for Christmas, which are from New Look but french store 'Mim' have started selling New Look shoes which is great and I saw these and fell head over heels (haha, 'scuse the pun) for them. They remind me of Christian Louboutins with the red rim and they look way more expensive than they are. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans from Zara, yellow vest from Promod and a layered chain necklace I bought from Kosmod (a rubbishy french clothes store and I have no shame in saying but normally the clothes in there are ... let's just not go there).

I hope you enjoyed my three part series of outfits and I'll definitely do it again as it helps to show how to style one item in several ways! I'm back to school on Tuesday which I *insert sarcastic tone here* cannot wait for so I'm afraid my posts might be less frequent and probably just on weekends & holidays. I'm back on Sunday with a carbooty haul (depending on what I find). Stay tuuuuuned!
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