Review | 'IT' By Alexa Chung

There was a sudden buzz around the blogisphere when this book hit the shelves with beauty and fashion bloggers raving about the famous cool-girl Alexa Chung finally releasing her first ever book. Like all the other fashion victims, I was eager to see what all the hype was about so I bought myself a copy. I was a big fan of Miss Chung right from the day I started watching her on 'T4 Sundays' back when I was a tween. I've never been one of those crazy Chung fans but I can't deny that she is somewhat a fashion icon - she has a quirky sense of humour, amazing style and effortlessly perfect hair - she has it all going on, she just oozes cool, right?...yeah, right up until I opened up this book. 

Now, I'm not one for writing anything negative on my blog but I promise to be 100% honest with my views so i'm not going to pretend that the book's amazing when it's really not that great. Initially, I thought that the book was very nice to look at, with it's pretty pink cover, retro looking snapshots (most likely taken from her Instagram feed) & inquisitive title 'IT', which made me want to read on. As for the contents - there are some parts that made me laugh but more out of embarrassment at how much unnecessary rubbish she put in there. Sadly, the appearance of this book is about the only part I liked. I found it all a tad cringe worthy and bland and if I'd known more what the book was actually about, I definitely wouldn't have spent my money on it (we're talking sixteen pounds and ninety-nine pennies worth, people). 

For such a stylish & 'iconic' woman who I thought would have had many interesting things to say...well, I was expecting to perhaps learn a bit more, to maybe have an insight into her everyday life/job but in the end found the whole thing pretty boring and a waste of time (and paper). It was an easy, quick read (it took me literally a half hour) but there's really nothing inspiring in there at all. Daily Mail journalist, Jan Moir, said in her review (view here) that it was as if Alexa had spent "half an afternoon downloading the entire content of her Iphone directly onto the pages"...and I couldn't agree more.

Sorry Alexa, you're alright but 'IT' isn't.
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