The Fedora & The Kimono

Kimono & Fedora: both from Missguided.co.uk | Maxi dress: Carboot | Body chain: Etsy.com | Ring: Etsy.com | Doc Martens : Ebay | Lips: Russian Red MAC

Here's another outfit post  for you this weekend. I recently bought this kimono and fedora from Missguided.co.uk. I've been meaning to buy a kimono for a while and this is exactly what I was looking for! Shame the summer is over (despite it being predicted 30c this week in France, hell yeah!) as I would have worn this during the warmer months but it's a staple piece which will definitely be perfect for wearing next summer & even in the colder months with a black jumper, jeans & boots. The fedora is a classic and looks great in the autumn months with your hair in a plait or down like mine...I love it! I'm off to my friends house for a good ole roast dinner this evening, what are you up to this Lazy Sunday? I will be posting on the weekend, part 1 to my next three part series of how to style, *drum roll*...........dungarees! Stay tuned!


Secondhand Sunday #6

Number six in my 'Secondhand Sunday' series... I think this is near my last of Secondhand Sunday posts as we're already in September now (What the heck... how did that happen?!) & carboots are a lot less frequent but I'll try to go to as many as possible! That aside, I found some great things yesterday. It was also our 4th year anniversary of living in France so we had dinner out in town to celebrate. Here are some photos from the day!

I got this peplum top for 2 euros. I love the cobalt blue colour & the peplum style is really flattering. It's something I'd wear on a night out with a black bodycon skirt along with some gold jewellery (like on pic).

I got this for 1 euro, I love layering rings at the moment and I'll be wearing this one along with my chunky silver rings from H&M!

More rings! Ok, so I didn't buy this at the carboot, but I thought I'd throw it into the post anyways. I bought this on Etsy.com (my new favourite Ebay). It's pretty weird...but that's why I love it.

I'm so chuffed to have got this maxi dress for just 2 euros! I have a similar one in grey which I did a post on, (click here to view post), these sort of dresses are so versatile and go with everything, it can be worn all year round which is great. I will be doing a post with this dress shortly including some missguided.co.uk items so stay tuned for that.

This belt was 2 euros, it looks great with some jeans & a stripey tee and I plan on wearing it with my military style jacket this winter.

This scarf was 1 euro, a similar print to the classic Alexander Mcqueen scarf, but don't think I could afford the price tag so this'll do!

 These beauties cost me 3 euros!! They look like something Cher from Clueless would wear but I just really love the sunflower print & luckily the suns still shining where I am and it's still OK to wear these.

We sat in the main square in town where it was reasonably bustly (for a Sunday night in rural France) where we ate goats cheese crepes with honey & walnuts, salad and a cafe gourmande to share for afters...which was deeelish! We went for a little wander afterwards to let our food go down, I felt so stuffed! Back to school tomorrow for me, where did the summer go?

 Luckily I start at after lunchtime, Wednesday we finish at lunch and then just two full days so a pretty easy first week back! This year is going to be pretty stressful, it being my last year and all (woohoo!)...which means exams, work experience and applying to unis/schools...just thinking about it makes me nervous so I'm just going to take it each day as it comes.

I hope everyone's back to school/starting uni goes well & I will be back with some new posts soon, stay tuned!


Part 3 | One Biker Jacket, Three Ways To Wear

Resuming on the 'Three Ways To Wear' series, outfit number three. My sister bought me these heels for Christmas, which are from New Look but french store 'Mim' have started selling New Look shoes which is great and I saw these and fell head over heels (haha, 'scuse the pun) for them. They remind me of Christian Louboutins with the red rim and they look way more expensive than they are. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans from Zara, yellow vest from Promod and a layered chain necklace I bought from Kosmod (a rubbishy french clothes store and I have no shame in saying but normally the clothes in there are ... let's just not go there).

I hope you enjoyed my three part series of outfits and I'll definitely do it again as it helps to show how to style one item in several ways! I'm back to school on Tuesday which I *insert sarcastic tone here* cannot wait for so I'm afraid my posts might be less frequent and probably just on weekends & holidays. I'm back on Sunday with a carbooty haul (depending on what I find). Stay tuuuuuned!
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