Secondhand Sunday #5

Sunday, August 18, 2013
I went to two car boot sales today which were sort of successful, but I couldn't get out early enough as I had to help my parents make beds in the guest rooms at our B&B as well as putting new towels in rooms etc, so we probably missed out on most of the good stuff at the car boots. That said, I managed to find a few good things! Here are some photos from the day and the bargains I found.

Floral shorts for 1 euro, win!

I'm so happy I got these beauties. They have studs on them which look really cool & grungy (plus easier as quite frankly I don't have the effort or motivation to put studs on myself) and they are brand new and I got them for 5 euros, can you tell how happy I am?!

Actually got this ages ago but thought I'd add it in. This isn't really for the weather we're having at the moment but I'm stocking up for winter already & this fair isle beauty that cost me 1 euro (!!!) will be on me every day (in between being washed obvs) with jeans boots and a lil beanie. I'm actually looking forward to winter so I can wear about 97% of my clothes again.

Ok, it needs to be ironed but other than that it looks really good on tucked into a skirt or with jeans with a leather jacket. 3 euros.

Rather basic but this glittery cardigan actually looks really good thrown on with my boyfriend jeans and the studded high tops mentioned above! 2 euros.

I wish I found this bum bag before I went to the festival in Spain this summer, but, better late than never, and I will definitely be wearing it next summer. Cost me 2 euros!

So, there you have it! Me filling my wardrobe up with more things I don't really need again, you can't beat a good bargain though! I will be doing my own car boot in September (second already this year!) and selling loads of my stuff. Having a good clear out does you good and I'm looking forward to receiving some $$$$$ (or euros in my case). I have 2 weeks, (2 weeks!!!) of holidays left, mustn't. panic. I feel like I should be doing loads with the time I have left but instead, I've chosen to sit and watch all the series of Skins back to front...ah well.