Part 2 | One Biker Jacket, Three Ways To Wear

So continuing on from yesterday's post, outfit two of this 'three ways to wear' series. The leopard print skater dress was bought off of Ebay for my 17th birthday, but being a blogger that doesn't have an overflowing wardrobe, I dug it out and realised it goes pretty well with the jacket. I added my new chunky rings from H&M, my rosary bead necklace from Ebay (again...) and my good old Docs. This is probably something I'd wear out at night or during the day with tights, but the leopard print is a bit of a show stopper! What do you think?

Stay tuned for part three tomorrow!


Part 1 | One Biker Jacket, Three Ways To Wear

I've been looking for the perfect leather biker jacket for what seems like forever and I finally came across this beauty in Zara. It's not real leather but the quality of the jacket is pretty convincing, you'd think it actually was. It's so well made & the zips and silver buttons give it that edge. I am in love with it & literally going to wear it with everything this winter as it's really good thick material & can be worn with hoodies and jumpers underneath too! I've styled up three outfits including the jacket to show how I'd wear it, here is outfit number one...

I teamed it up with my trusty red Vans (which have sadly faded after I wore them to a festival when it rained, boooo), my fave lil polka dot skirt which I thrifted from a carboot, headscarf from good ole Primark, vest from Zara and my mama's pearls along with my Raybans and MAC lips in russian red. (I apologise for rubbish photos, my dad's Olympus battery gave out just before doing the photos so I resorted to my phone)

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!


Secondhand Sunday #5

I went to two carboot sales today which were sort of successful, but I couldn't get out early enough as I had to help my parents make beds in the guest rooms at our B&B as well as putting new towels in rooms etc etc, so we probably missed out on most of the good stuff at the carboots. That said, I managed to find a few good things! Here are some photos from the day and the bargains I found.

Floral shorts for 1 euro, win!

I'm so happy I got these beauties. They have studs on them which looks really cool & grungy (plus easier as quite frankly I don't have the effort or motivation to put studs on myself) and they are brand new and I got them for 5 euros, can you tell how happy I am?!

Actually got this ages ago but thought i'd add it in. This isn't really for the weather we're having at the moment but I'm stocking up for winter already & this fair isle beauty that cost me 1 euro (!!!) will be on me everyday (in between being washed ovbs) with jeans boots and a lil beanie. I'm actually looking forward to winter so I can wear about 97% of my clothes again.

Ok, it needs an iron but other than that it looks really good on tucked into a skirt or with jeans with a leather jacket. 3 euros.

Rather basic but this glittery cardi actually looks really good thrown on with my boyfriend jeans and the studded high tops mentioned above! 2 euros.

I wish I found this bumbag before I went to the festival in Spain this summer, but, better late than never, and I will definitely be wearing it next summer. Cost me 2 euros!

So, there you have it! Me filling my wardrobe up with more things I don't really need again, you can't beat a good bargain though! I will be doing my own carboot in September (second already this year!) and selling looooads of my stuff. Having a good clear out does you good and I'm looking forward to recieving some $$$$$ (or euros in my case). I have 2 weeks, (2 weeks!!!) of holidays left, mustn't. panic. I feel like I should be doing loads with the time I have left but instead I've chose to sit and watch all the series of Skins back to front...ah well.


Summer Sale outfit

I finally ventured out to the summer sales yesterday, probably about 1 month too late but surprisingly there were still a lot of things left. I squeezed in a little outfit shoot today (despite this melt-your-face-off type weather) so here is the first outfit including items I found on sale. I really love this outfit, I picked up them both up with no intention to buy them, tried them on & realised how perfect the top & trousers go together...it's one of those outfits I feel really good in!

Top: 7 euros (on sale) PROMOD | Floral trousers: 20 euros (on sale) PROMOD | Necklace: 1 euro carboot | Pumps H&M | Bag: Charity shop 3 euros | Bracelet: My sisters
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