Behind The Scenes | Estella Mason Photography & Styling

Tuesday, July 09, 2013
Today I've decided to do a slightly different post from my usual, but I think that makes my blog more interesting for my followers (I hope!) One of my great friends Estella is an 18-year-old, aspiring photographer & stylist based in Tasmania, Australia. Whilst over on holiday, she was kind enough to let me take some behind the scenes shots of a fashion shoot with my friend Maisie located here on a sunny summers day in rural France. Here are the photos for you to see the progression of a professional fashion photoshoot, enjoy!

1 & 2. Estella busy at work on makeup & hair. 3. Eye make up. 4. Makeup madness! 5. Down at location with the team. 6. The beautiful location. 7. Photo of me taking a photo! 8. Photoshoot begins. 9. Behind the scenes shots. 10. Estella doing her thing! 11. Nature-themed shoot, clothes & accessories.

The finished photos!
copyright. Estella Mason all rights reserved.

To see more of Estella's work, click here to visit her Facebook page and feel free to leave a wee comment below & tell me what you think of today's post!