My Top 10 Key Wardrobe Pieces

I have recently done a well-needed clear out in my wardrobe and chest of drawers and was surprised to find how many things I don't wear anymore and that, sadly, I just really need to say aurevoir to for good! I'm trying to convert my wardrobe into a more basic wardrobe with much less clutter & one-off fashion items and instead, I choose to have key pieces that go with each other and that are timelessly stylish. 

Do you ever ask yourself the question in the morning or before going out...'What am I going to wear?' or do you say 'I have nothing to wear' while staring at a wardrobe full to the brim? We all do it, admit it. I've decided to get Gok Wan savvy and use one of his ideas from his show, 'How to look good naked' and get together key pieces, that you can turn from day to night with a simple change in accesories without having a ridiculous amount of different tshirts and random things in your wardrobe that never see the light of day. Get to know your body shape as well and what suits you and don't just fall for trends because it's in fashion, go with things that will flatter your figure.

Here are my top 10 key wardrobe pieces:

1. The Black Trouser
Versatile, can be worn dressed up or down for work or play and go with everything. If you are taller you can wear the pencil leg style or if you are slightly curvier, you can go for the wide leg trouser.

2. The Little Black Dress
It can be worn during the day with boots or flats and simply add heels, jewellery and clutch for an evening look. A wardrobe staple.

3. The Mac
The mac trench coat is once again, versatile and goes with anything, perfect for wearing out as it's great for any weather. You can buy it in different colours, cream, black or red and the shape is flattering and a classic item that'll never go out of fashion.

5. The Jean
Everyone needs a pair of jeans. Infact, everyone I know has a pair. It's the comfiest most worn item in the world (apart from a onesie hehe). If you don't have a pair, get some! Get a shape that flatters your figure, slim and skinny are the best styles. You can get them in any colour you want and they are so easy to wear and go with everything.

6. The White T-shirt
Ok so a bit boring, but, a basic and it goes with everything. I'm not talking about a plain high neck t-shirt, get one that's flattering, perhaps a scoop neck or v neck.

7. The classic Cardigan
They are cosy and can be thrown over anything. Make sure to invest in a good quality one as there's no point getting cheap quality for it then to go bobbly after a few months. Get a few in different colours which can be mixed and matched with all the pieces i've mentioned above!

8. The Cami top/Vest
I decided to invest in a few of these myself and I'm glad I did. They can be put under jumpers, cardigans, dresses, shirts and all sorts and are great for layering in the colder months or worn on their own in summer.

9. The accessories
A leather bag, belt, gloves and some shoes. They last forever and go with everything.

10. The underwear
'Cause, honestly, none of that will look it's best if you don't have some good quality, supporting underwear and it will also make you feel better about yourself too!
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