I'm Loving | Sacha

Whilst in Amsterdam back in April, I came across, for the first time, the shop Sacha. I'd never heard of it before so wandered in and fell in love with it straight away. They are rather pricey but the quality you get is so worth it. It's mainly a shoes, bag and accesories shop with a fantastic selection of boots, heels, pumps etc to choose from which have all been carefully picked for the store and I gurantee you wouldn't find anything similar to the things they sell elsewhere. I picked out a few of my favourite items off their website to show you what they're all about. They have a stunning selection of footwear which will look great this summer, even better, they ship for free over 49.95 euros! Take a look at the website yourself if you haven't already and see what they have to offer, I know you want to...

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