Secondhand Sunday #1

Sunday, June 02, 2013
Hey everyone, a happy month of June! I can't believe we're already halfway through the year! I feel like I haven't done a post in ages either and I've finally been able to sit down, cuppa in hand & tell you what I've been up to. I've just recently gone back to school (yawn) so I literally don't have the time during the week to post, which is sad, because honestly, I enjoy blogging a lot more than I enjoy school. My week was pretty busy and I finally went to see The Great Gatsby. It was just beyond amazing & lived up to all the hype in my opinion.

I had a tough week at school so I enjoyed a chilled weekend which included having a rave in my friends living room to old club tunes in our pajamas (so cool, I know). Saturday was spent seeing my mum's friend for her birthday, accompanied by a nice glass of champers! Then I was waitressing at my parent's B&B on Wednesday for 13 chatty holidaymakers which was a bit chaotic but I got paid & managed to get out to a few car boot sales this weekend & made some great finds! 

Also, I've decided to name my car boot posts 'Secondhand Sunday' where I will post on Sundays (duh) about all the thrifty secondhand things I find. I can't guarantee one every Sunday but I will do my best. I thought it would be a good idea naming it this way cause it'll give something for you lovely followers to look forward to reading on my blog. Here is what I got:

My sister saw this before me & bought this for 3€!  Luckily, she's willing to let me borrow it when I want & put it on my blog! It looks stunning on & made me feel like some rich woman that should be holding a poodle in her arms & wearing jimmy choos...a girl can dream.

I got these four French Vogue magazines plus some kind of photo/poster book all for 2,50 ! The whole lot would originally have cost me about 35 euros so I was really pleased with that. I like looking through magazines, even if they're old issues, as they're great for inspiration & ideas.

I got these for 3 which I thought was pretty good for a pair of practically brand new heels. Stilettos are making their comeback & look great with a pair of skinny jeans!

The woman sold me both pairs for 1€ ! 50 cents each people! They are pretty similar to ones sold in shops at the moment, at much higher prices so I was really chuffed, what a bargain!

My mum actually spotted this cute little travel perfume bottle. We got it for 2€, I think it's very Gatsby'ish & just so dinky & cute. I just need to work out how to get perfume in it first...anybody got a mini funnel?

Necklace- 1€

Necklace- also 1€ . I literally hoard jewellery (as you may have noticed) so I tend to pick up more jewellery than clothes at the moment, only because I haven't found as many clothes I like. This caught my eye straight away, & it would look great with a high neck LBD, shirt, or top & I'm loving the whole Cleopatra look at the moment!

I hope you enjoyed my first 'Secondhand Sunday' post! Stay tuned!