Secondhand Sunday #3


Hey everyone! So it's been a busy past few days for me which have included waitressing at a wedding, being a receptionist & working in my parents B&B. I am like a complete zombie today and I feel like I'm practically sleep walking. The wedding was fantastic and I really had fun even though I was working. We got to eat amazing chocolate cupcakes & all the wedding food & a few glasses of champagne here and there! On top of that we got paid in cash & a bottle of champagne, can't get much better than that. Today, I had the choice to go for a well needed nap, or go to a carboot sale. I went for the second option to see if I could find any vintage goodies- which I did! I'll just have to go to bed really early tonight... Anyway, here is what I found:

I got a bag similar but in red last week and saw it in this sandy brown colour and snapped it up for 3 euros. It's vintage & leather-bargain!

I got these two jumpers for 7 euros! They're nice thin jumpers so will be great for when it's that slightly chilly weather with some jeans and brogues.

I got these two belts for 1 euro! So chuffed. I hope you've enjoyed my Secondhand Sunday finds this week & feel free to leave me a comment on what you think!

Get Your Docs On, Get Your Docs On Honey!


Hello everyone! I recently received my Doc Martens through the post, finally! And thought I would do a post on them with a party-ish summery outfit. I love them and they just look great and go with everything. They're hard to 'break into' at first but after a few wears, you get comfy in them. In other news, I booked my tattoo-finally! It's not till September though so I have time to psych myself up. I am also counting down the days till Bilbao BBK which is now in under 2 weeks! It's came so fast. Anyway, hope you like this outfit!

Skater Skirt: Ebay | Ring: Pimkie | T-shirt: Carboot Sale | Chain: Vintage Store | Doc Martens: Ebay | Bracelets: H&M | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Belt: Pimkie | Bag: Next

Secondhand Sunday #2


Happy Sunday all, hope you're having a great week-end! The weather in France at the moment is m-e-r-d-e as they say, well where I'm living anyway. I'm dying to pack up my things and go somewhere down south and start building up my tan. I have three more days of school till summer, three! Well technically, two and half because in France (most schools) finish at midday on Wednesdays. I'm so excited, you wouldn't believe it. Anyway, I haven't been to a carboot in a while, I apologise...I've been rather busy and life can get in the way sometimes but I will update as much as I can. Here's what I got and some pictures of the day.

This tooth necklace was 2€ which I managed to haggle some money off as the man selling it originally wanted 5€. I'm getting really good at haggling now! I love this necklace and the gold chain, shark tooth necklaces are really in and look great with a t-shirt & blazer combo.

These were actually bought from a brocante we visited after the carboot where I had a great time chatting with the little old lady that worked there and trying on nearly every pair of earrings she had till I made my mind up. All the jewellery came from a woman, who is now 84 and was a jewellery hoarder (a woman after my own heart!). She had tons of vintage 50s and 40s jewellery including Chanel! The pair I went for were these 40's giant pearl earrings with gold leaf wrapped round which were 12 € (I managed to haggle off 3 euros may I add).

I got this t-shirt for 2€, it's pretty basic but when styled up (as you can see) it looks pretty cool. I'd style it with my gold chain (which I seem to be adding to everything at the moment), some black skinny jeans, some high heeled Riri sandals & you're good to go.

I'm not sure why I got this (faux) fur collar, but the lady selling it let me have it for free, so I said alrighty then! I think it will nice thrown over any jacket really.

I got this cute little Gatsby-esque scarf for 2€ which I thought was pretty good and it looks really cute tied in my hair when it's up in a bun (I apologise for the terrible quality photos, I was using an old Kodak today, oh dear).

I got this bag for 5€. I normally would want to pay less cause I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to carbooties (yes, terrible, I know) but considering it's leather, I couldn't really complain! It's so cute & satchels are really in. It fits all my bits & bobs in so it's perfect so I will definitely be using it for my touristy days out this summer.

It was a great day out and I'm now home chilling, ahh bliss. I've got so many exciting things for this blog to come so stay tuned and follow me on Bloglovin for all my updates. I hope you enjoyed my second 'Secondhand Sunday' post and please comment to let me know what you think!
My Top 10 Key Wardrobe Pieces

My Top 10 Key Wardrobe Pieces


I have recently done a well-needed clear out in my wardrobe and chest of drawers and was surprised to find how many things I don't wear anymore and that, sadly, I just really need to say aurevoir to for good! I'm trying to convert my wardrobe into a more basic wardrobe with much less clutter & one-off fashion items and instead, I choose to have key pieces that go with each other and that are timelessly stylish. 

Do you ever ask yourself the question in the morning or before going out...'What am I going to wear?' or do you say 'I have nothing to wear' while staring at a wardrobe full to the brim? We all do it, admit it. I've decided to get Gok Wan savvy and use one of his ideas from his show, 'How to look good naked' and get together key pieces, that you can turn from day to night with a simple change in accesories without having a ridiculous amount of different tshirts and random things in your wardrobe that never see the light of day. Get to know your body shape as well and what suits you and don't just fall for trends because it's in fashion, go with things that will flatter your figure.

Here are my top 10 key wardrobe pieces:

1. The Black Trouser
Versatile, can be worn dressed up or down for work or play and go with everything. If you are taller you can wear the pencil leg style or if you are slightly curvier, you can go for the wide leg trouser.

2. The Little Black Dress
It can be worn during the day with boots or flats and simply add heels, jewellery and clutch for an evening look. A wardrobe staple.

3. The Mac
The mac trench coat is once again, versatile and goes with anything, perfect for wearing out as it's great for any weather. You can buy it in different colours, cream, black or red and the shape is flattering and a classic item that'll never go out of fashion.

5. The Jean
Everyone needs a pair of jeans. Infact, everyone I know has a pair. It's the comfiest most worn item in the world (apart from a onesie hehe). If you don't have a pair, get some! Get a shape that flatters your figure, slim and skinny are the best styles. You can get them in any colour you want and they are so easy to wear and go with everything.

6. The White T-shirt
Ok so a bit boring, but, a basic and it goes with everything. I'm not talking about a plain high neck t-shirt, get one that's flattering, perhaps a scoop neck or v neck.

7. The classic Cardigan
They are cosy and can be thrown over anything. Make sure to invest in a good quality one as there's no point getting cheap quality for it then to go bobbly after a few months. Get a few in different colours which can be mixed and matched with all the pieces i've mentioned above!

8. The Cami top/Vest
I decided to invest in a few of these myself and I'm glad I did. They can be put under jumpers, cardigans, dresses, shirts and all sorts and are great for layering in the colder months or worn on their own in summer.

9. The accessories
A leather bag, belt, gloves and some shoes. They last forever and go with everything.

10. The underwear
'Cause, honestly, none of that will look it's best if you don't have some good quality, supporting underwear and it will also make you feel better about yourself too!

I'm Loving | Sacha


Whilst in Amsterdam back in April, I came across, for the first time, the shop Sacha. I'd never heard of it before so wandered in and fell in love with it straight away. They are rather pricey but the quality you get is so worth it. It's mainly a shoes, bag and accesories shop with a fantastic selection of boots, heels, pumps etc to choose from which have all been carefully picked for the store and I gurantee you wouldn't find anything similar to the things they sell elsewhere. I picked out a few of my favourite items off their website to show you what they're all about. They have a stunning selection of footwear which will look great this summer, even better, they ship for free over 49.95 euros! Take a look at the website yourself if you haven't already and see what they have to offer, I know you want to...

The Polka Dot Playsuit


Bonsoir all! This is a late post but the sun is still shining and I managed to convince my dad to take a quick few snaps of my latest find. I went to a thrift shop down the road (yes, those are Macklemore's lyrics but are very much true) and picked up this cute little playsuit number, for only 4€! BARGAIN! I am completely in l-o-v-e with it and it's sooooo comfy too I could actually sleep in it! I paired it with some red Vans, a red belt and my favourite gold chain...then some sunnies and my trilby when it gets a bit hotter. I didn't think it needed much jewellery as the playsuit is quite a statement on it's own. 

What will you be wearing this summer? I hope you enjoyed this post and I have lots more on the way, stay tuned!

Carboot Sale Haul


Happy Saturday! Hope you're all having a good week-end so far...mine has got off to a good start. I felt really tired yesterday evening after a week of school (in France, I have to get up at joke.) so I had a night in with the family and my sisters friend for dinner. I headed down to a carboot sale in my town this morning with my family and was surprised at how many great little bargains I found:

Shirt 2 (rest of clothes are mine, just an idea of how I'd style it)

Doing an 'Angelina Jolie'

Velvet midi split dress 2€ (necklace featured further down) Thank you to my big sister Rebekah for modelling this!

Daisy print summer dress 2€

Necklace 50 cents

Cream buckle boots 2

Cream Lace bodycon skirt 3€

Afterwards, we got some lovely chocolate cake from the patisserie and had a cuppa tea, a well deserved rest after this carboot I'd say. Stay tuned...

The (Faux) Fur Jacket


Happy Wednesday everyone! I've been off school the past two days with a cold & have been feeling rubbish so I put together a little outfit today to cheer myself up with my (well, my sisters) new faux fur jacket. It's quite a simple look and I know there's a lot of black, but I think it looks quite glamorous and the gold jewellery gives it a bit of class, perfect for going out! 

Shoes: Pimkie | Bag: Charity Shop | Faux fur jacket: Carboot Sale | Chanel Brooch: Carboot Sale  | Chain: Antique Shop

Secondhand Sunday #1


Hey everyone, happy month of June! I can't believe we're already halfway through the year! I feel like I haven't done a post in ages either and I've finally be able to sit down, cuppa in hand & tell you what I've been up to. I've just recently gone back to school (yawn) so I literally don't have the time during the week to post, which is sad, because honestly I enjoy blogging a lot more than I enjoy school. My week was pretty busy and I finally went to see The Great Gatsby. It was just beyond amazing & lived up to all the hype in my opinion.

I had a tough week at school so I enjoyed a chilled weekend which included having a rave in my friends living room to old club tunes in our pyjamas (so cool, I know). Saturday was spent seeing my mums friend for her birthday, accompanied with a nice glass of champers! Then I was waitressing at my parents B&B on Wednesday for 13 chatty holiday makers which was a bit chaotic but I got paid & managed to get out to a few car boot sales this weekend & made some great finds! 

Also, I've decided to name my car boot posts 'Secondhand Sunday' where I will post on Sundays (duh) about all the thrifty secondhand things I find. I can't guarantee one every Sunday but I will do my best. I thought it would be a good idea naming it this way cause it'll give something for you lovely followers to look forward to reading on my blog. Here is what I got:

My sister saw this before me & bought this for 3€!  Luckily, she's willing to let me borrow it when I want & put it on my blog! It looks stunning on & made me feel like some rich woman that should be holding a poodle in her arms & wearing jimmy choos...a girl can dream.

I got these four french Vogue magazines plus some kind of photo/poster book all for 2,50 ! The whole lot would originally have cost me about 35 euros so I was really pleased with that. I like looking through magazines, even if they're old issues, as they're great for inspiration & ideas.

I got these for 3  which I thought was pretty good for a pair of practically brand new heels. Stilettos are making their comeback & look great with a pair of skinny jeans!

The woman sold me both pairs for 1€ ! 50 cents each people! They are pretty similar to ones sold in shops at the moment, at much higher prices so I was really chuffed, what a bargain!

My mum actually spotted this cute little travel perfume bottle. We got it for 2€ , I think it's very Gatsby'ish & just so dinky & cute. I just need to work out how to get perfume in it first...anybody got a mini funnel?

Necklace- 1€

Necklace- also 1€ . I literally hoard jewellery (as you may have noticed) so I tend to pick up more jewellery than clothes at the moment, only because I haven't found as much clothes I like. This caught my eye straight away, & it would look great with a high neck LBD, shirt or top & I'm loving the whole Cleopatra look at the moment!

Hope you enjoyed my first 'Secondhand Sunday' post! Stay tuned!
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