The 5 € dress

I know I seem to be blogging a lot at the moment, but the creative juices are flowing so I thought I might as well, also this outfit has been hanging up in my room for a while & I really wanted to snap this look, hope you like it!

This is a ZARA dress I got from a car boot sale. It was mainly my mum who convinced me to buy it as the woman selling it only wanted 5 € & it has never been worn! I went on Google when I got home and saw that it's RRP was £75! The dress is stunning & is so well lined & the pattern is beautiful. It's one size too big for me but I pulled it in with a belt of mine. It's not something I'd normally wear as it's very Kate Middleton-ish but I think it just looks lovely on, possibly for a wedding or special event...not for a casual night out though! The earrings were bought for me by my mum at a car boot also for 3 € & work well with this outfit. The necklace was also 1 €. 

I apologise if I look rather stern in the photos, the sun was in my eyes and also I'm choosing a different photo-shoot location next time as in the heels I was sinking into the gravel in my garden-not fun!

Tomorrow, I am doing a car boot sale myself and selling loads of junk we've accumulated in this house over time so hopefully that = $ and I can buy some new make up & finally a pair of doc martens *dances*. My next post will probably be after I turn 18 on Tuesday!

Stay tuned & have a great week-end all!
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