A Room Tour

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! I've decided to do a slightly different post today- a bedroom tour! Since moving to France, I've got a lot more into customising and interior design with all the car boot sales and brocantes about. Before I had this room, as a kid, I pretty much shared my bedroom with my older sister in a bunk bed- good fun but as you get older, you need your own space to breathe! After that, I had a teeny weeny room back in the Scotland where there was literally a square of floor space in the middle. I made the most of it, it was all pretty in pink & my parents did everything to make it as nice as it could be. After we moved to France, I spent the first few months living out of a suitcase, sleeping in a camp bed followed by a year sharing a double bed with my sister, then finally getting my own bed (but still sharing rooms)... you could probably say I've been through it all! But now, I finally have the bedroom of my dreams, my little cove where I can escape & just chill. I'm a big lover of floral, toile du jour and shabby chic as you'll see from the photos. I've spent the years changing & adding trinkets, things I've found in different places & vintage furniture to give it a unique feel, I hope you enjoy this and maybe get some inspiration for your bedroom from it too.

This is a vintage sofa that I got from an antique store for Christmas, it was around 200 euros, I just fell in love with the pale blue colour and the 'etoile du jour' design is one of my favourites. It's also very practical as it can be wheeled closer to my tv and it can double up as a great mattress for when friends come to stay.
Before these were a dated pine chest of drawers, which me and my mum sanded down, painted white and added some crystal knobs to! Just shows you don't need to go and buy new furniture, just modernise the old stuff!
My chill out area, the leather Indian style 'poof' (I love that word) is from a car boot sale for about 5 euros.
Phew! Sorry that this post was so picture heavy, but I really wanted to get some good shots of my room and decided to go a bit O.t.t. I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps it gave you some ideas & inspiration for your own bedroom.
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