Sunday, April 21, 2013
I just recently got back from the beautiful city of Amsterdam where I had a lovely week-long holiday with my cousin. I miss it already but I thought I'd put together a post to share it with you lovely lot and also for me to weep over because I'm now back to reality and not surrounded by canals, bikes and cute Dutch boys anymore...

Here are some photos that I took during the holiday with a few recommendations as well for anyone thinking of visiting the wonderful Dam! 

We got free champagne, not bad for a first night out! At Smokey's Nightclub... friendly staff, good music, and great on a weekday night out!

The best way to get about the Dam (if you can't find a bike...unlikely) Ok, so not the most pretty photo setting but I like how I look for once (despite those damn braces). 

Melkhuis Café in Vondel Park- highly recommend for a relaxing warm drink outdoors looking onto the pond or the cozy indoors after a walk around the park.

In conclusion, I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Dam! It is just the coolest place. The shops, houses, and nightclubs ooze cool & are so stylish. Everything's individual, arty and there's always something to see or do there. Amsterdam is such a chilled city as there are fewer cars & more bikes which means the air doesn't smell polluted either (if you care about that kind of thing). Also, the people are laid back, friendly & stylish. 

Places & things I recommend: 

Vondel Park & the café Melkhuis, 
Anne Frank House, 
Van Gogh Museum, 


Studio 80,

And so much more! Just check out all the individual shops & cafés they have to offer and go for a wander! You will constantly stumble across something new and amazing in Amsterdam.