Doc Martens: Christmas present (off Ebay) | Bag: Carboot | Skirt: Carboot sale | Jacket: Tokyo Doll at New Look | Jumper: C&A

This is a quick look I threw on today for going out for a little coffee and catch up with friends. I wanted to include my new doc martzzz that I got for Christmas cause they're just so pretty and I love them, they won't be leaving my toetsies for a while. Plus, they go really well with this lil' burgundy bag I snapped up at a carbooty. I love carboots and I can't wait to go to more next summer! I can't believe the end of 2013 is already upon us but I can't wait for what 2014 has in store. It's going to be a big year for me with lots of changes and I'm looking forward to putting behind me all the nonsense from this year but ofcourse keeping all the good memories. Onwards and upwards I say though! Also, thanks to my two lovely friends, Charlotte and Megan for a joint effort in taking these snaps even though I suck at posing!

What are your plans for the new year?


Polka Dots & Overalls

Dungarees: Missguided.co.uk | Shirt: Carboot sale | Fedora: Missguided.co.uk | Brogues: Ebay | Bag: Carboot Sale

My style can go from 'rock chick' black all over to preppy in a day...I really can't seem to settle on one style yet, as I like so many, maybe that'll come later with age, who knows? I'd been meaning to feature this shirt on my blog for ages, so here it is! I got it for 1 € at a carboot sale during the summer...I love how it can be put with anything, for day or night and I think it looks great with the blue denim. This bag is another carboot find, it's perfect to fit all my bits 'n' bobs in and has a real old vintage feel to it...it was pretty windy outside (hence the first photo) and I was trying to hold my hat on...but the photo turned out pretty good anyhow!

2 days till Christmas eeeek! Who's excited?!


The Ankle Biker Boot

 Boots: H&M | Jacket: Zara | T-shirt: H&M | (Faux) Fur gilet: Thrifted on Vinted iPhone app | Jeans: H&M | Beanie: H&M (basically, a lot from H&M!)

I am in love with these boots! I had been searching for the perfect ankle boot for a while, on Ebay and other online stores but didn't quite find what I was looking for, till I spotted these buckled beauties in H&M. They're actually two sizes bigger than my normal size 6 but surprisingly fit as if they were! They look no bigger and are perfectly comfy...which is strange, but it was either that or a pair of size 4's...and nobody likes squished toetsies. I've been wearing a lot of black lately...it's just so easy to mix and match things and black always goes. I put on my (faux) fur gilet, again, but this time over my leather jacket and I really love the combination of textures beside each other, and it keeps me sooo warm. It's getting even closer to Christmas and I'm pretty excited now (mainly for food).


The (Faux) Fur Gilet

Hat: Missguided.co.uk | Necklace: Primark | Jumper: C&A (yes we still have that store in France and it's not just for old people!) | (faux) Fur Gilet: Vinted app | Polka dot playsuit (worn as shorts): charity shop | Doc martens: Ebay

This beaut of a fur gilet (which is faux by the way, before anyone starts throwing red paint all over me) is the answer to my winter woes. I bought it off the Vinted iphone app for about 10 € which I consider a pretty good bargain! I've seen them everywhere lately, on the likes of the MIC cast and on the high-street so decided to nab myself one. It's so cosy and can be thrown over anything from leather jackets to dresses to add a bit of glam to your outfit...although, my dad says I look like our black cat, thanks pops. I've been putting knee high socks over tights a lot lately for that extra snuggly-ness and it looks great with my DM's. In other news, I've been spending a lot of time applying to schools for next year-to think this time next year I'll be somewhere else...it's an exciting and nerve wracking thought at the same time.


The Leopard Print Jacket

(Faux) fur jacket: Thrifted on Vinted.fr 15€ | Shirt: A friends from Primark | Necklace: River Island | Jeans: Zara | Bag: My nanas from ages ago | Shoes: Carboot sale 3€

 Today, this is my 100th post since I started back in April- how time has flown in! I'm actually pretty proud of myself to have kept this blog up for so long. It's became something I really love to do now, and I plan to continue it as long as I continue to enjoy doing it. Anyway, just a quick thanks to those that follow me on here and care about what I have to say...strange to think some do as I tend to ramble, (here I go again..) but it means a lot...ok, I can't stay cheesy for long, let's move on shall we!

This is what I wore last night out for a friends birthday. It's quite 'out there' from what I'm used to but what the heck, if you can't dress up for a birthday then when can you?! I love mixing boyfriend jeans with heels, it's a great way to dress them up without going overboard. I bought this (faux) fur jacket from the Vinted app which I'm slooowly becoming addicted to. I've seen leopard print jackets everywhere lately and finally snapped up my own, perfect to dress up any outfit, during the day with biker boots or at night with heels. 


'Tis The Season...

... to start wearing Christmas jumpers! With winter not far off and temperatures getting icy cold, I thought what better time than to get my Christmas jumper on. We're talking rudolph print jumpers (circa. Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones), snowflake prints...basically as naff and cosy as you can get. This one cost me 1€ which I bought about 2-3 years ago. I'm still absolutely in love with it and it's probably one of my best bargain finds. It's nice and long to keep me warm and the fairisle print is perfect for this season...without being too over the top. I even added my tartan scarf again, woops.

Jumper - Charity shop | Jacket - New look sale | Bag - Carboot sale | Jeans - Zara | Vans - cloggs.com | Belt - charity shop | Beanie & Scarf - H&M


Autumn Outfit Layouts

Ok, so last time I did a 'My recent OOTD's' post, which I did like and get some good comments from but I wasn't that keen on doing it again, as the photos weren't great quality and it didn't show off the outfits that well. So, I got an idea from one of my other favourite blogs 'Le Happy' where she did some outfit layouts. I think this will be something nice & new to do instead of what I did last time! I'm generally quite an indecisive person so it takes me a while to settle on one thing, but I think this is a great idea which will hopefully give you all some styling tips, ideas or just to have a peek at my outfits! I love experimenting on my blog anyway and trying out new things so please do comment and give me your feedback. Anyway, here are some outfits I have been wearing a lot so far this Autumn...(WARNING: contains a lot of jumpers)

Outfit 1: I'm loving combining jumpers over dresses (so basically it looks like a skirt), this dress is from Topshop which I bought on Ebay and the jumper from Pimkie on sale. A simply, pretty and comfy look which is perfect for school or going out in the day. Doc martens are perfect for this rainy weather along with some tights.

Outfit 2: I can't get enough of leather at the moment, or tartan for that matter so what better to do than combine both? This is a really punk/rock look especially with my Doc martens added, but quirked up a bit with my Bonjour Monsieur tee & bleached Levis (with tights ovbiouuusly).

Outfit 3: I love this fair isle print jumper, and I was jumping with joy when I found it at a charity shop for 1 teeny weeny euro. I added my brogues and pearl earrings for a preppy look.

Outfit 4: I've been wearing this look a lot, it's something I literally put together at 6am one morning, when I wasn't entirely awake. I love my boyfriend jeans from Zara which I wear nearly everyday, I think they're getting tired of me...they look great with these slouchy cream boots I got for 2 euros and my stripy jumper which I bought at a car boot along with my army style jacket from Tokyo doll at New Look (which I bought about a year ago for 12 euros on sale!)

Outfit 5: I decided to throw an Autumn night look in as well as all my day looks. Going out lately has been pretty rare with school & just generally being too tired (yep I'm a wimp) but I when I do, I like to make sure my outfit will keep me warm when getting to and from clubs/bars but not too warm that I'll be suffocating indoors...now that wouldn't be attractive would it? So, I chose my black skater skirt, H&M leopard print cardi which adds a fancier touch to the outfit and will keep you warm, velvet H&M booties & gold accessories to give the outfit more of an evening look. Add some tights and you're good to go.

Outfit 6: This is a bit of 'hipster' look, oh a went there! I've been wearing my Vans all the time along with beanies & this huge comfy sweater with my boyfriend jeans. A casual boyish look along with some gold bling, yes, I just said bling, and what?

Outfit 6: Tartan's back again! I'm wearing this scarf today, and I wore it yesterday...becoming a bit of an obsession you might say? Nah, I prefer to call it 'a good investment', it's well worth the money and you can literally wear it with ANYTHING. I bought this black jumper last week which is perfect for Autumn, over collared shirts (this one from a charity shop)...along with some black pencil leg trousers & vintage brown accessories (bag from car boot).

Outfit 6: I bought this jumper from Primark a year ago on the hunt for the perfect winter jumper & this one fitted the bill. I added my Primark necklace and some pearly earrings along with my Levis. This is kind of outfit is perfect if you're just staying indoors/at home.

Outfit 7: I just used some other pieces from the other outfits and mixed and matched to show how versatile some pieces can be! I added my stripey beanie which keeps me lugs nice n warm.

Outfit 8: Last outfit... Black, black, and some more black...with a small splash of soft pink. This look is rather romantic/grunge and I love clashing the sheer flowy fabric of this maxi skirt (bought on Amazon) with my big chunky Doc martens along with some black jewellery (Topshop ring & Ebay necklace) and my fedora.

So that's it for my Outfit Layouts for Autumn. Ok, I'll admit, I'm a liiiittle bit excited for Christmas already...just a bit. Let me know your views and comments on this post as I love to hear what you think! I'm writing my personal statement today (eek) and having a chilled weekend after some drinks & cocktails with friends last night. Have a nice weekend all!


Secondhand Sunday #8

This is my last (now I really mean my last haha) of my 'Secondhand Sunday' posts (for this year). The items featured in this post were actually things I found a while ago in carboot sales, before I even started this blog and I never shared on here so I thought I would. It's a real mixture of random items to be honest, anyway, enjoy!

1. Floral print scarf, 50 cents. 2. Crop lace top, 1 euro. 3. Short dungarees, 5 euros. 4. Bag, 3 euros. 5. Cream rosary beads, 5 euros. 6. This bracelet was bought for me by a friend so I don't know the price but it was from a carboot too. 7. Ivory 'look' (think it's actually plastic) bracelet, 50 cents.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few things I bought... I was so chuffed with the dungarees, they are so practical & soo comfy so I will definitely be wearing them with tights & boots throughout winter and then into the warmer months with crop tops & converse/vans. I just fell in the love with the design on the bag I bought and I actually think it's real leather too-it's so soft! And well you know me, for the jewellery, the more the merrier. Anyway, this is really the last of these posts for this year & I will back next year to continue on my secondhand sunday series! Please leave a comment saying what you thought of the 'Secondhand Sunday' posts and if you'd like to see them again...or perhaps in a different way, like a lookbook or something. A bientot!


Secondhand Sunday #7

Oops, I'm a little late on this one aren't I? Apologies for that, I got a tad side tracked! So, here we have it, a Sunday feature on a Monday. Will the world stop turning? Nope. Do I need to worry about this? Nope. Ok, glad we've settled that then! Soooo, I went to a carbooty sale yesterday as my mum told me at the last minute there was one going on this weekend, despite the fact I thought they were all finished for the year but apparently people still have lots of their junk to sell (more great vintage fashion bargains in my case) so I was keen to get another Secondhand Sunday post before the season is over. I found some fantastic fashion pieces today and spent a total of just 10 euros on all of this :

1 euro for this stripey beanie. I will  be wearing it a lot during winter as in France, winters are COLD, and I mean cold...like, minus degree temperatures. This will keep my ears cosy while still looking stylish at the same time...and looking slightly like a robber/'where's wally' too. It's similar to some of the beanies they've been selling in River Island like these.

This polka dot short cost me 1 euro. Amazing or what?! It's actually black despite it looking navy in the photos. It can be tied up at the bottom, buttoned up to the top, left open, worn with a skirt, jumper, leather jacket, jeans, anything...the amount of outfits I will get out of this one item is endless and it cost me next to nothing! Here are a few ways in which I'd style it too.

If you've read my other posts, you'll know I have quite an obsession with jewellery, or anything sparkly. I got these beauties for 2 euros. The diamante detailing around the pearl (not real ofcourse) looks just amazing with my hair up in a bun.

I finally have some tartan in my life! I've been lusting after it for ages and when I saw this skirt for only 3 euros, I snapped it up straight away. It's great quality wool with a small split up the back, it's just perfect. I think I might get it taken up as it is rather long then i'll be wearing it with my leather jacket and red belt as shown in the photo.

I wasn't sure about buying this at first but for 1 euro, you can't say no. I think it'll look great in the warmer summer months (seems so far away *sigh*) with some high waisted shorts along with some red lippy or over a bikini at the beach. This is really 80's and yes a bit out there but worn with the right thing it'll look great.

This bright red lace jacket was 2 euros. It looks great with some black skinny jeans and this necklace which I bought previously at another carboot.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It's probably my last carbooty post til next year *sad face*...but means I can take a break from the buying...for a few months...or a few days, nah maybe just a few minutes...


Part 3 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear

Chain: Carboot | Bag: Carboot | Converse: Ebay | T-shirt: Primark | Fedora: Missguided

So, the last look to the three outfit series including my Missguided dungarees. All the looks I chose are pretty casual, but I think dungarees look better worn that way, or if you're feeling a bit adventurouuuus, you can always wear heels too as seen on the likes of Rihanna which give it a bit of an edge. My mum came back from a trip to England with a few things from Primark (living in rural France, it becomes a bit of a treat) and brought back this 'Bonjour Monsieur' moustache tee, which I love...and it's quite funny wearing it when you actually live in France! She got it for only £5 and there were other designs too such as The Beatles. A simple, fun look.

What did you think of this three ways to wear series?


Part 2 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear

Crop top: Missguided.co.uk | Necklace: River Island | Fedora: Missguided | Vans: Cloggs.com | Shirt: Carboot sale

So, continuing on from Sunday's post, here's my second look including my MissGuided dungarees. I'm wearing the same fedora, (again, I know), and it will be in the next outfit too... just warning you. I just really love it and it seems to look good with everything! The shirt I bought for 2 euros at my most recent carboot, where I was selling my own stuff so only had a brief moment to look round myself, so I picked up this. It's very 'Rihanna' if you know what I mean, to tie the shirt round my waist, but what the heck, I like it & it's really comfy! I'm going to wear this as long as the weather allows...then I'll definitely have to resort to jumpers.


Part 1 | Dungarees, Three Ways To Wear

Here is Part 1 to another series of  'Three Ways To Wear', including my dungarees, which I have been wearing non stop lately. If you like the look of them, hop on over to Missguided.co.uk & buy them here

Tshirt: H&M | Brogues: H&M | Hat: Missguided.co.uk | Bag: Carboot sale

I put this look together at random and I'm pretty happy how it all went so well together! My mum realised I looked like someone out of Dexy's Midnight Runners...after looking on google, I have to say, I actually do. This look is perfect to wear to school, out for the day, or to the library (lol I never go to the library). It's a very comfy, effortless, casual look and all you need to do is throw on a nice big chunky cardi when it gets a bit chillier and you're good to go. The trick is to try and not look like a farmer and a little more alexa chung-ish. I hope you enjoyed todays post and stay tuned for Part 2 sometime this week. A bientot!

PS. Check out this clip from 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' movie featuring 'Come on Eileen', it makes me smile every time.


The Fedora & The Kimono

Kimono & Fedora: both from Missguided.co.uk | Maxi dress: Carboot | Body chain: Etsy.com | Ring: Etsy.com | Doc Martens : Ebay | Lips: Russian Red MAC

Here's another outfit post  for you this weekend. I recently bought this kimono and fedora from Missguided.co.uk. I've been meaning to buy a kimono for a while and this is exactly what I was looking for! Shame the summer is over (despite it being predicted 30c this week in France, hell yeah!) as I would have worn this during the warmer months but it's a staple piece which will definitely be perfect for wearing next summer & even in the colder months with a black jumper, jeans & boots. The fedora is a classic and looks great in the autumn months with your hair in a plait or down like mine...I love it! I'm off to my friends house for a good ole roast dinner this evening, what are you up to this Lazy Sunday? I will be posting on the weekend, part 1 to my next three part series of how to style, *drum roll*...........dungarees! Stay tuned!
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